Tall Black Guy - "Gifted People"

Hometown: Chicago, IL

From humble origins in Detroit, raised on a healthy diet of Motown, Jazz and early Hip Hop – Terrel Wallace (aka Tall Black Guy) has become a standard bearer for the current hip hop beats scene. Through a steady stream of productions filled with incredibly clever sample flips and deft production chops, he has won fans across the world, including Gilles Peterson (who included him on one of his Brownswood Bubblers albums), Lefto, Anthony Valadez, Jazzy Jeff, Questlove and countless others. With the tangible beginnings of worldwide recognition, Tall Black Guy has established himself to be one of the most influential producers working today.

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Gal Gun - "Heartbleed"

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Gal Gun is Anthony Vaccaro, Colin Burns, John O'Brien, and Thomas O'Brien; a Chicago-based power pop band.

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Howell - "Too Late"

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Chicago-based Howell band are Nic Lenkiewicz, Jake Carbonara, and Jake Yanko.

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Kyle Ekstrom - "R.I.P. 2 My Youth" featuring Jonny Craig

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Kyle Ekstrom is an American singer and songwriter. Formerly the front-man of post hardcore band "To Trust A Liar", Kyle is currently writing his debut album entitled, "Youngblood", due to be released in early 2018.

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Saltillo - "Flood" featuring vocals by Richard Walters

Hometown: Tupelo, MS / Chicago, IL

It's been five long years since there has been new material from Saltillo.  The "Ascension" EP is a strong breath of fresh air from the Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist that contains three new songs, including one featuring the wonderful Richard Walters entitled, "Flood".  A sign of things to come, Saltillo (born Menton J. Matthews III) is one of those artists who should have lived in the sixteenth century, along with Shakespeare and da Vinci who perfects a style of electronic and violin-laden trip-hop that is original, seductive, and bold.

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