Air Credits - "Safe Room"

Hometown: Chicago, IL

AIR CREDITS is music from the not too distant future, when the planet’s water supply has all but ceased, the landscape turning to desert, the desert turning to wasteland. Radio stations worldwide have been transformed into climate controlled compounds, guarded heavily by their surrounding communities not only to maintain communique with the declining population, but to preserve music new and old.

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White Mystery - "FYMS" Explicit

Hometown: Chicago, IL

If you're a fan of stripped down garage rock, loud drums, and/or redheads, meet your perfect match in White Mystery. Garage-soul spitfires Miss Alex White and Francis Scott Key White are siblings who tour worldwide, earn rave reviews, and even model for Levi’s jeans. Born and raised in Chicago, the duo is renowned for high-energy shows, fierce independence, and annual album releases.

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Son Of A Gun - "Night Damage"

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Started as a one man band out of summer boredom. Now four dudes with nothing to lose.

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Paul Cherry - "Like Yesterday"

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Paul Cherewick, monikered Paul Cherry, came up during Chicago’s garage rock golden age of 2014 and spent the next 2 years exploring the nuances of jazz and pop, finding his footing with a new sound. Paul Cherry has completely reinvented himself on his upcoming LP, Flavour. The first single, "Like Yesterday” sets the tone for the record as a brilliantly written, mid-tempo pop ballad. Cherry crafts melodies on Flavour that sit at the intersection of 1970s yacht rock and Ariel Pink’s lo-fi dream pop. Lyrically, Cherry touches upon millennial culture with references to love in the modern age, phone culture, and giving a conceptually new light-hearted twist to age old old themes of love lost, missed connections and polar political climates.

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Frontline - "Follow"

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Jason Delismon – Lead vocals, guitars; Steve Vuko – Guitars; Alex Loeber – Bass; Diana Tragos – Keyboards; and Jason Jaros – Drums, are Chicago-based modern rock act Frontline. "Follow" is about losing a loved one. Jason Delismon sums Frontline up, “We write memorable songs that people can relate to and we have a positive message, which kind of goes against the grain these days.”

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