There was a specific energy Deya Dova tapped into after the Seven7Sisters performance on Saturday, August 5th, at the Center For Spiritual Living Greater Las Vegas during, "Return of the Star Tribes: Devotion to the Sky" sacred ceremonial retreat.  Deya is one of the true Seven Sisters, according to Starsinger.  Give her a crack of openness and she will penetrate your soul.  She is unbelievably beautiful, connected well-beyond her self.  She loves people, understands the nature of the world we are in and truly wants to help.  Her approach?!  Raise awareness, build greater consciousness, and share her knowledge.  She does so with dignity and grace.

The direction she travels East, North or South, it doesn’t much matter.  She is following the interconnected grid as she does, singing all the way.  She travels South facing Northwards.  This woman makes the energy-grid the most fascinating concept in the world.

She is more than interested in teaching you about what she has experienced on her journey.

Deya comes by way of a super special vehicle.  It may appear as an RV, but Princess Vespa daughter of Roland, King of the Druids she is NOT (SpaceBalls).  This woman is traveling the power grids of the world.  She follows the energy.  And the energy brings her to incredible places for incredible reasons.  This woman is more than interesting and worthy of everyone’s Look-See-HEAR.  She has traveled the world, visiting and singing at sacred sights and power places all over the world.  She’s done her research.  Her voice with a little Florence and the Machine, a LOT Deya Dova…this woman channels life experience, and it is zen-touching, inspiring adventure, wonder, love, and beauty.  Her cosmo husband is audio engineer/producer/mixer and so in love with the talent his wife possesses.  He shines his incredible power upon her.  It is amazing to witness these two live-in action.  They make incredible music.  Later in the show they bring in their costumed daughter who dances with her mother, hearing the sounds created by her parents and interpreting it to dance.  It was such an incredible experience.

She comes from the shark bite of Australia.  The sounds she plays on stage come to her while she sings at sacred sites throughout the world, along the energy lines that run the earth.  It's quite fascinating and unlike anything I have heard or come to understand to hear.  Hauntingly enlightening, her voice finds its way to your soul allowing a journey to the sacred sites with her.

I had the great fortune of meeting with Deya Dova in the energy of Las Vegas the day following her performance.

Liz Lauer, Chicago Music Magazine:  I want to know more about your mission, your voice and what you are doing with yourself.
Deya Dova:  My journey is the last 3 years really.  I’ve been making music for 20 years and I am a self-taught musician.  I began wanting to be a film-maker and a photographer and was at art school which was an incredible training ground for me.  It taught me that I did not want to be institutionalized.  At that time I met incredible musicians and I was gifted a guitar and I began to just play.  I found sound and I found my voice through experimenting with the guitar.  For me, my journey has been about inner guidance and allowing the sound to come from inside of myself and there was a period of three years where I was not listening to any commercial music and I was spending a lot of time in nature in Australia. I’m originally from Nullarbor Desert, and I was spending a lot of time around fires under the stars in the resonance of caves and out in the wilderness and really exploring with what was arising from with inside myself.  Fortunately, I didn't have that programming of, “You can’t sing”.  And I began to just allow this voice, these sounds to come through.  And, it's really sent me on this big journey in relationship to being in nature and being with the music of nature and it brought about a real interest in the energetic fields of the earth, the world energy grid or the ‘planetary grid’ and I began to do a lot of research about that because the more and more I was singing the more and more these sounds like I could be sitting in the Australian desert and suddenly be singing songs like I could be singing in Africa.  So I began to look into this field of energy that connects everything and in the last 3 years I’ve been predominantly traveling to these sacred sites and power places around the world and recording and singing at these sites.

Liz:  When you are at these spiritual sites, what comes out of you…what do you feel.  How does each site that you go to bring about something new or teach you?  Or what comes to you?
Deya:  That's a beautiful question and if there was one word that could answer that it would be 'interconnectedness'.  It's connection.  And, as I explore all these different places around the globe, the experience that I have is how all of these places are connected.  They create the health and well-being of the whole; each site.  And that's why indigenous people since the beginning of time have been sitting at these energy centers, being in a place of prayer and reverence.  For me, the experience of being at these sacred sites is about a sense of belonging and a sense of non-separation with the earth, that we are intimately connected to something that is actually living, breathing, and sentient.  It's been a really incredible journey for me to film.  Often when I visit these sites, I will hear the sound of ‘welcome home granddaughter, welcome back’ and I often feel already very connected to these places and I believe many people have been called back to places that we have connection with however we wish we can perceive that at this time.  I believe there is a great healing that's happening on our earth and a great awakening that is happening and part of that is our re-connection and our reverence of nature and temple earth.  I see more and more people - and this is my connection that I have been called to places to rekindle that feeling of belonging and home and sense of well being in connection with the earth.

Liz:  So you have had spiritual experiences in nature, like the white whale.  Can you tell me more about that?
Deya:  Yes - I grew up on the edge of the Nullarbor Desert in South Australia, it's the part of Australia that has the big bite taken out of it and it's called, “The Great Australian Bite”.  It is where the desert meets the ocean and as a child I was fortunate enough to grow up in this really expansive landscape that just filled me with wonderment and freedom and I always felt really connected and safe.  When I was 13 - when I was coming of age, my family took me to the edge of the cliff lines.  The southern white whales were coming to bring their babies into the bay of The Great Australian Bite to ween them from drinking milk and at this time there was a white whale calf that came in and this calf is really sacred to this area.  The people of this area are called the Morning, The Whale Dreamers, and this whale, known as Jittera, is very sacred and was said to have come from the stars to help the people.  It's been really beautiful traveling and feeling connected with America and ancient Turtle Island.  There is this similar white buffalo story here in the ancient indigenous stories and I believe it heralds a time of great hope.  This is what this prophecy is and we are seeing more and more white animals manifest on the earth as symbols of a time of great hope that we are in at this great time.  So, for me as a child to see this beautiful white whale at that time, I did not understand what I was seeing.  That was a real turning point for me as a symbol and this is the time - they are here at an important time.

Liz:  What do you say to non-believers?  I do not really understand it; for me, it is something that I want in my life, to believe.
Deya:  Beautiful.  When I think of my journey as being a spiritual being having a human know there was a time in my life where I was disconnected from my essence - it is the process of this world.  We come into this world where we’re told what we are.  Our family tells/shows us how we are to be in the world - then we have schooling and our societal conditioning placed onto us and religious conditioning.  There’s all these filters that are placed onto us as a fresh being on this planet.  Then the process is that slowly as we feel that essence of who we truly are inside ourselves, that form begins to fall away as we begin to dig deeper into our spirituality.  My understanding is that it takes different people different timing to connect with and in different ways.  We live in this incredible holographic playground in which there are so many ways to find ourselves and our connection to the creator and the creative energy to see ourselves as the creative energy that we are.  It takes different people different timing and different pathways to do that.  I always feel very blessed, and I hear that from you too, that there is this sparkle inside ourselves that we truly know within our inner being that there is something more to all of this - there is something more going on.  There is a greater energy; We are a part of something magnificent - you know the great mystery...that spark that is inside of every being, every thing in the planet and the universe.  And I believe that is what we are in at this time...a time where many more people are awakening to that spark and remembering that we are interconnected to something much greater - to a larger field of consciousness than the programming of this world - the planet, this earth experience.  The extraordinary thing that is happening at the moment is that science is beginning to catch up to see.  We’re talking about the same things here - you know the laws of interconnectivity, the scientific proof that we are all one; that all of these energy lines that run in the body and this energy grid - these things can now be scientifically monitored and checked.  It's a part of human nature, isn’t it.  The part of human nature is that we want proof to believe we want proof.  And that’s what awakening is, isn’t it.  When something in our life happens that goes ! that is proof for me, that is the proof that I need!  And for each person, that proof has to show up in a different way.  Some people need gregarious miracles, others need to see that someones healed themselves of cancer, others need to see that harmony and well-being has come into their community, or that their child has been saved from an accident.  You know that there is the proof of something greater than the everyday walk of this earth and I believe science is catching up, because I believe people who carry that way of perceiving the world are waking up and are able to articulate and show that we are talking the same language just in different words.

Deya: (on non-believers)    It comes down to fear.  And, that is the paradigm of this planet that holds back the blooming of our consciousness, is fear.  And, we have fear for all of these different personal reasons.  We all have a wound, some wounded child that is frightened in this reality and I think spirituality is a huge concept, it's like a pool of the unknown.  What is that unknown universe?  I think the perception is often because of religion, that spirituality is something that is outside of ourselves - that spirituality is something that we learn from churches and from being indoctrinated and initiated, and being told how to do it.  I think the trip - switch to breaking that fear down, is the understanding that this spirituality is actually inside ourselves, this connection.  This is our birth right to be connected to this life force energy.  It can be broken down into something as simple as's an energy.  Nikola Tesla was all over it.  Energy, frequency, vibration.  This is a vibrating universe and we are those conduits.  We don't need anybody outside to tell us how to be in connection.  And, I guess it's that other know that other feel of fear...the place of people that don't want to believe and I guess that level of fear of dropping inside of ourselves to moving deeper inside of ourselves to being alone with ourselves.  To going, who am I.  It's not who do I do in the world.  It's who is this being?  What is this being-ness?  What is this soul?  What is the pure energy and essence of who I am?  It’s that big pull of unknown.  And for me as an artist, a spiritual being, it excites me.  It’s like the universe that resides inside of ourselves - all of this is just a reflection of the immensity of who we are as human beings.  And this is coming back to these sacred sites.  This is a really strong experience for me when I am sitting at these sites, I enter space of no mind.  When a mind disappears and I’m able to drop into that still point, that zero point within where in Aboriginal dream time, which is the place where past, present, and future are all here for this's all within us.  It's all simultaneously happening at this moment.  And, it can be as quick as that!  It doesn't require incense, yoga postures and chanting, being in temple or church, it's right here within us - this infinite place of connection and life force energy frequency, vibration.  It's alive with us and it's that dropping of fear and knowing that we are the essence of that, we are always in connection with that energy.

Liz:  When I walked in and I heard you had this beautiful voice resonating, and it was out and it was everywhere and then I saw how beautiful you are and JAW DROP.  I was mesmerized.  And then your husband, so handsome and totally in love.  You two work phenomenally together and then your daughter...Beautiful!  Amazing!  It was such an incredible experience...where do you go next?
Deya:  (giddy with laughter and graciousness)  Thank you - a few years ago we made a conscious design to really align ourselves, because of the content of the music that was coming through...because of the frequency of the music, the vibration of the music that was coming through, we wanted to align ourselves with festivals and events that are in alignment with that.  We started focusing on venues that were cultivating consciousness and cultivating community and bringing together people to share and awaken together.  One of our favorite festivals in the world is one we are about to play next, and its up in Oregon and it is known as, Beloved Festival.  It’s an incredibly curated festival that brings together artists from all over the world and also presenters from all over the world.  And from there we head to the Oregon Eclipse, which feels to me to be at a very prolific time with this eclipse happening in our skies and it being so visible in the land out there in Oregon.  It feels to be a gathering which is really a coming together of many different people to share at this poignant time and a real gathering of the tribes.  For the last 3 years we have been playing predominantly transformational type festivals with this focus on consciousness and connection.  These two festivals are definitely 2 on that list of many popping up around the world.  The other intriguing thing that I am starting to see, because I am tracking the energy lines, between the festivals we will go to sacred sites and do these recordings.  I’ll be with my husband and children and when I am tracking these lines I am seeing more and more of these festivals showing up along these energy lines and I think it is a part of this awakening that are all going through and a big part is that none of us know the full story.  This is the great mystery, none of us have got the full picture.  Where all these beautiful faceted parts of the diamond...and what I see happening at these gatherings, we are bringing that information together, sharing the pieces of information that we each have that create this diamond so we are starting to see the bigger picture for when we come together.  So that's been a real focus for us to come out from the power places of the sacred sites, come together with the people, and share the information that we’re discovering.

Liz:  Why is this such an important time to gain understanding of our spirituality?
Deya:  We eat bad food, we don’t exercise, we sit in front of the telly when we feel bad about ourselves and I see that as the case of what the human race is going through.  We feel bad about ourselves, the human race.  We are doing terrible things to our natural environment, we are doing atrocious things to one another, to our indigenous people, to toward in Syria, we are doing atrocities and I think there is this level of ‘whats the point, who cares’, we’re just this virus, this low level life form.  And, it's not true.  We’re in that, and that is what this time is about, the awakening of consciousness is about that's happening on the earth, is to wake up and go, “Wait a minute, rewind!  We sentient holy divine beings that are directly connected to all of creation to infinite amounts of information.  Our technology, we have created technology to reflect that to ourselves.  It's like how you were beautifully talking about the sound waves in ultrasound and being able to perceive that energy.  You know we are creating technology so that we can actually see what our universe is really about and what our inner-universe, our inner-technology is about.  This is what makes me passionate and I could talk about this for ages.  And this is one of the reasons I track these energy lines.  I didn’t go looking out at the planetary earth grid, for me it used to be some cosmic concept - what is everyone talking about this energy grid around the earth - but when I started to sing all these languages and feel deeply connected to these different continents across vast oceans to start singing languages and arriving at countries; like in Japan, a Shinto priest went 'how do you know those ancient songs and dances of Japan?  Where did you study this, where did you learn this?' Same in Israel.  I was in Israel and they were going, ‘You’re singing in Hebrew!  You are singing about the sacred Holy Tree!  How do you know this?’  And it's this thing that we have, this information all inside of ourselves because we are connected to it all.  We’ve just been told that we’re not.  We’ve been told we need to get there from outside of ourselves.  And this is what that is about, its that empowerment of humans and the race as a collective is about empowering ourselves to believe that we are these sentient sovereign holy beings that have the capacity to be able to really make some magic happen here to really bring about some incredible heaven on earth through spaces and landscapes and through all of our different towns and things, and I am really passionate about that and being a part of that awakening and I really believe the music that I am receiving is a part of that awakening.  Your mind can’t grab this.  This is about a direct transmission of energy, frequency, and vibration to wake up the system through sound, like a sound wave in ultrasound.  It's reaching out like an energy line on the earth.  It's reaching out to wake up the collective, whether that's happening at a stage show of 50 people or 2,000 people at a full blown festival, it's that beyond mind, beyond thought, beyond having us trying to analyze it all.  It's that energy-frequency-vibration that's coming in and hitting us and waking us up - YEAH!  And it just requires people to be open, doesn’t it?  And for every person it is at a different time and it's a divine time, we all have that moment where we remember who we are and my prayer is that this is going to just sweep across the planet like a divine wave of light and just spontaneously wake the whole planet.

Liz:  I believe you can do that, because from what I can see, you have already manifested your heaven on earth.
Deya:  (humble and giggling gracious to accept the compliments)  That’s beautiful, thank you.  I do too!  I believe I am in my dream and I am grateful to be living in my dream and this is it isn’t it?!  We are waking up to believe we are creators of our own dream.  We’re making our realities.  We are the responsible ones.  We can sit around and say this is all crap or we can turn around and go I’m POWERFUL!  I am making this happen; I am a part, with this life force energy I am a part of making my dream come to reality and that's when exciting things start happening.

After some more chatting, Deya again graciously thanks me for taking the time to meet with her and take on the challenge of sharing with ‘the people.’

Deya, the pleasure was all mine.  What a pleasure to meet with a beautifully passionate woman with visions to change the world into a more positive place.  Thank YOU!

(photo left to right:  Elizabeth Lauer with Deya Dova) Photo Credit:  Elizabeth Lauer