Sasha Rose is a one woman band.  She runs her own electronic beats, adds her voice and supplemental instrument whether its guitar or djembe.  She puts her voice to stories.  She sings about large topics; songs of encouragement and despair, but always enlightenment.  She explains the world as she knows it.

Liz Lauer, Chicago Music Magazine:  Why don’t we start with you.  What do you want people to know about you?
Sasha Rose:  OK.  Well I’ve been a musician for as long as I can remember and basically the music, magic, and medicine all emerge.  The lifework for me has been merging the magic and music and making it a very symbiotic relationship; it is a person becoming a conduit and allowing creation, however you want to say it, God or whatever, come through and create through me, you know, just honing in that craft to be a conduit.  Music has always been that for me; just getting out of the way and letting it come through.  So I think that is the most important, the mission of becoming a clear conduit and allowing creation to sing through you.

Liz:  I must say your voice is absolutely beautiful and your performance was very good.  I really enjoyed myself.  It was the first performance I heard when I arrived from a delayed flight and a long day - it did give me a lot of energy.
Sasha:  Thank you!
Liz:  You said something during your performance about your voice, something about how it just happened.  Like you just realized one day that ‘oh, I have a voice I can do this’ is how I took it - (Sasha laughing) But you’ve been in music all your life.
Sasha:  I have.  My parents are both musicians.  I feel like when I was in the womb just developing I had a lot of music around me in that space, in the waters of my mother - a singer.  My Dad’s a singer.  They would play music together, so I came out already having that imbued sense of musician musicality and love for music.  I remember being 3 years old, a feeling and imagery, and my mother telling me, I would sit in flowers for hours and hours and hours and I would sing to myself and make up things and just create.  I’d already started connecting with that energy of creation, that conduit feeling, from a very, very, young age.

Liz:  Where did you grow up?
Sasha:  I grew up in British Columbia, Canada.
Liz:  And how did you get involved with Seven7Sisters?
Sasha:  I knew Starsinger from Canada.  She is Canadian as well.  I think maybe 10 years ago we met and shared similar interests of music as a conduit to the divine.  For her it was more this celestial level, obviously with the name Starsinger she's connecting the stars with the music of the earth and connecting with the ley lines and all these different things.  So we share similarities in our interests.  I started working with her and just becoming a part of her performances and allowing myself to be in her presence whenever she calls and it's a beautiful collaboration.  A majority of work is on my own, she does specific shows once or twice a year whereas I am playing almost every weekend, just creating my music and that is my livelihood as well as my love.

Liz:  So how do you find your creative spirit for your music?  Where are you gaining the energy to create?
Sasha:  I spend a lot of time in nature.  I love to sit by bodies of water.  Alone time, and just tune into what's around.  Also relationships; human relations really inspire me.  I feel the deeper lover relationships pull I have muses.  The age old art of having your muse has inspired me throughout my life as well.  But mainly nature and the muse, you know, and nature becoming the muse!

Liz:  I know during Deya’s presentation she would mention the sacred sites and you raised your hand to being at most of them.  So are you on the similar grid path?  Searching for certain energies?
Sasha:  I am, but I didn’t know that I was.  Right, like now that I am keyed in - Deya Dova’s talk clued me in to the fact that maybe I am traveling these songlines, these ley lines and I didn’t really cognitively know it, but now it super resonates with me.  I’ve got the app and I am going to pay more attention to my travels and how I connect with things.  But yeah, I have traveled a lot in my lifetime and I intend to travel a whole bunch more because it feeds me - it fills me up a lot.

Liz:  So, where are you at this point in your career?  Where are you seeing yourself?
Sasha:  I started touring professionally when I was 16 years old and now I’m 38 so it's been a long journey.  At this point I am creating a fusion of more acoustic with electronic, simple electronic elements with acoustic, and that is what I am most excited about and I am making my album with that in mind, to create something  that is a bit of a hybrid, fusion of all my worlds.  I’ve done a lot of electronic, I’m a DJ as well, and I create electronic soundscapes and I’ve also been an acoustic artist for many years.  So I’ve just started to figure how to fuse those worlds and create something I can recreate live, like something you saw that has those elements included, but it's also very centered around the song, so that is the direction I am going.  I’m about to put that out, probably in the next couple of months and just see where that takes me.  I am open and looking for more management to help me get to the level to a higher place and have more things like this, more interviews and recognition and get my craft to another level, because it is my life’s work, my love and joy but also something I would love to share with more people.

Liz:  I’ve covered many genres of music, jazz, blues, Americana, hard-rock, pop...This is very different but there is so much opportunity and potential.  I see it blowing up sometime very soon.
Sasha:  I hope so!  I feel people are ready for consciousness.  People are looking for something different.  They feel the lack of depth in the mainstream music, not all, but most has not much meaning in the lyrics, there's not much thought put into the sound spectrums or the tones that are being used, the message seems very harsh and abrasive.  There’s an opening for this incredible consciousness that is coming through and I think a lot of us artists who have been on this conscious path of creating sound spaces that create awakening and awareness and all these different things in the listener...I’m hoping that there is an opportunity that gets created for us, because it is so necessary for the planet right now to have a different sound space and a different soundtrack.  People are hungry for it.  I feel that now there is an opening, where there wasn’t in the past or people weren't ready.  I hope now is the time.

Liz:  What is your main message when you are singing?  When you start a performance, what do you hope to gain from it, whether it is giving or...
Sasha:  Stepping on stage with a microphone provides an opportunity to project and amplify your vibration.  I take care in that and just hope my message of mainly consciousness, unification, and hope.  I do touch on some more challenging aspects but most of the time in my performances it is a universal message of the ability to co-create within the universal family and hope that we can connect to each other in these ways.  I think also that my voice itself, the vibration of the voice without the words even can create an impact.  My intention with that is to create healing in the listener and a sense of calm and ease.

Liz:  From you I get a lot of energy.  You have a lot of energy and have a lot of energy to give - even during your performance, it was high energy and I felt that.
Sasha:  Cool, thanks!

Liz:  How do you feel with bringing in electronics and bringing that aspect into your music?  How do you view technology and its evolution?
Sasha:  Right now is a time of technology being a huge part of the next generation.  If we stay too much in our roots aspect of just acoustic guitar and vocals, I mean that's great around fires and I will always do that because that is my heart and my root.  BUT technology is playing such a role and it's imbued in everything now and the youth are super interested in technology, they are not necessarily going to be as drawn to the woman with the acoustic guitar as compared to someone who has these electronic aspects included.  So I feel it is more of bridgework, it's like building bridges to be able to access way more people and touch more people and not have it be so segregated to ‘the old school’ or whatever.  It's opening more doors to this new generation of people who have this access to such high levels of technology.  We all have access, but our future generation...our present generation all have smartphones and access to these things we did not necessarily have when we were growing up, and I speak mainly of my generation didn’t have it for a huge chunk of my life.  To me it is creating bridges.

Liz:  What would be the main thing that you have learned in having a deeper understanding of yourself?
Sasha:  I feel like everyone wants the same thing.  On all levels and all cultures.  Whatever language you speak and wherever you are from in this world, there's a commonality that we are all seeking.  Love and human connection.  We all crave that.  And no matter where we come from, music is a super universal language and it connects people, no matter what language you are speaking.  I DJ all sorts of world music; you don’t necessarily understand the lyrics but you can understand the feeling of it.  And, it is that connection we create through music, words, and heart.  It's universal to crave connection and human contact.  If we could all understand that as our human nature, that the ability to connect with one another is so fundamental.

Liz: That is everything right there.
Sasha:  Yeah, that's it. (Laughing)  Connect with me online at Sasha Rose Music here.