Cue chants of Excitement and Honor:  yei’ x3 yei’ hei’, ii’ii
Windwalker is one person who you WANT to cross paths with.  She is a trip to the ancient lands, all the way back, and beyond.

A proponent of the earth’s natural resources, she plays the drum beat for Mother Earth as if it is her only job.  We all need to listen.  “Mother Earth will swallow you.  Lay your body down” (from ‘Find the Cost of Freedom’ off of GRAMMY Award-nominated album entitled, "Generations").  Windwalker shares ancient knowledge as a visionary.

Windwalker was the incredible Special Guest at Seven7Sisters' "Return of the Star Tribes:  Devotion to the Sky" sacred ceremonial retreat, August 4-6 at the Center for Spiritual Living Greater Las Vegas.

The drum she plays is for friendship and love.  The first strike of the drum is a powerful and meaningful one, channeled from ancient wisdom.  What is felt with that is up to the individual, but know that Windwalker feels each strike wholeheartedly with PASSION and Love, proud inheritance and immense desire to share her heritage.  It's the catalyst to jump-start any heart in its path.  Each individual takes it as they will.  The deeply powerful and moving sound, has traveled past the pace of time and catches up with us now, connecting us to Mother Earth’s heartbeat.  She tomahawks the striker, with skill, but it's quite evident it is more than just that.  Windwalker is on a mission and it is evident in every strike of the drum.  There is something powerful about striking the drum, it is sacred, and treated as such by the Multi-Cultural Women (MCW) who share in the powerful movement.  Powerful and beautiful they all are.  The penetrating sound should not get past one’s heart - it echoes within forever.

She is from Mi’kmaq, Eastern Cherokee,  Lenni-Lenape descent.  'She Who Walks With the Wind', is a traditional and generational Native American Healer/Shaman, drummer of the mother drum, keeper of the traditional songs, flutist, traditional story-teller, singer/song-writer, peace rights activist, environmental consciousness activist, women’s/children’s/veteran’s/animal’s rights activist, as well as a water-healer (inside and out).  She works intensely with people to remove disease, and held a ‘Healing of the Waters’ workshop mid-day Saturday August 5th - A few lucky participants received their first healing through her healing touch, something I’d had the great pleasure of experiencing at her California ranch.  She is GRAMMY Award-nominated for the traditional songs she plays and multi-award-winning for all four of the albums she’s released.  She is a mother, sister, and friend.  She’s self-proclaimed clumsy (although to this I can attest), but full of love, honor, and respect.

“Love Honor and Respect are in my spirit which my soul carries through many lifetimes.  When shared, strength, knowledge and self-being are my reward.  All my relations, no more segregation.  Come together as one and we will dance.”  Windwalker is true to herself and one with peace, harmony, love, and balance.

To dive into this woman, her knowledge and history would be a sabbatical.  I meagerly attempt to grab an essence of who this woman is and why she is so important RIGHT NOW!

Liz Lauer, Chicago Music Magazine:  What did it mean to be a part of the Return of the Star Tribes:  Devotion to the Sky?
Windwalker: It was lovely to see different persons, different healers.  We all take form. We are the mighty healers of many many realms.  Like prisms in a crystal that make rainbows. Our soul are the prisms that shine the love, the passion, the growth.  It all comes from that light from within.  We shine this upon everyone else, including ourselves.  We have to carry that light.

Liz:  Many people have different perspectives on BELIEF. Yours is truly unique.  It comes from ancient ways.  Sacred in so many ways.
Widwalker:  ’Child we are all related’, my Grandmother would say.  All the colors carry the medicine life.  They carry the heartbeat of life; They carry the knowledge and wisdom of life and come in different shapes and sizes.  Some call them angels, ancestors, fairies, guides, Saints, deities ….they are scattered all over this planet like seeds in a circle to balance, for the world is on an axis surrounded by many ancestors that go on for millions of miles.  They shine the reflection that watch over us, help guide us.  They have been with us on Earth mother from many centuries.  The native Americans were the first to encounter them.  They befriended them.  They allowed them to pray with them and help them heal Earth mother and every way.   Now they’re (the ancestors are) ready to expose even more of themselves so they need NOW because the world is  in such chaos, they need to step forward and take that chance to show themselves and know they are the warriors to help.  Aho.

Liz:  What native insights are you bringing into acknowledgement?
Windwalker:  The mother drum brings together the heartbeat of everything that exists.  Everything that needs to come together.  The Hopi know that this is the time that all the ancestors past present and future are coming together to balance and heal, not just Earth Mother, but the heart of the universe…Earth is the learning process for all of the universes.  The water of this particular planet, is the essential healing part of the healing of all.  The ancients wrote on the ancient rocks, the petroglyphs, years ago.  Most have different beings from other planets and animals and elements and they always surround the waters.  We come from water, the womb of peace, the womb of growth and nurturing.  Therefore that heartbeat of the drum brings out the heart beat of the world and beyond.  When drumming, it echoes so far up; the vibration bounces of the water, trees, walls.  It vibrates and resonates everything that exists.  And within that is balance. Rhythm brings the path that exists for growth, whether it be higher intelligence processes to invent or dial things in even more.  In order for all of this to happen the Hopi had a calendar that knew by the sun when all of this would happen.  They knew when the world would be chaotic and knew the right moment to gather people from all over the world and universe, to know this is the time for the healing and change of everything.  The universe has to all come together.  So the drum is the root.  My grandmother used to tell me the aliens are everywhere.  “You don't think we are the only ones here,” she would say, “Ancestors come in different shape and sizes as well.”  We believe the Milky Way are all the souls going back to the creator.

Liz:  What is your purpose in this earth?
Windwalker:  I am the mother.  I feel like the feminine passion of love and I know.  We need passion...passion in everything we do.  Trust in the future, trust in everything.  Full passionate trust. Stop destroying even yourselves and stop segregating.

GRAMMY Award-nominated Windwalker - Photo Credit:  Tami Yaron