Chicago Music Magazine was on the red carpet for the opening of The Sunset Strip Music Festival 2012 and had the great honor of speaking with all 3 living members of The Doors who were to be honored that night with a special celebration and performance at the House of Blues Sunset Strip in their hometown of Los Angeles.

Interview with The Doors drummer John Densmore:
Shawn Kellner from Chicago Music Magazine. I'm here at on the red carpet at the House of Blues Sunset Strip in Los Angeles for the opening of Sunset Strip Music Festival 2012. Joining me now is the iconic drummer of The Doors John Densmore.

CMM: How are you tonight John?
JD: I'm good. Chi Town.

CMM: You guys have been to Chicago quite a few times. Do you have any favorite memories of playing in Chicago?
JD: Just good passionate audiences.

CMM: How does it feel to be honored like this, in this way, right here where it all began, right here on the sunset strip in Los Angeles?
JD: Its thrilling. I just dreamed of playing clubs like this and now were having "Doors Day". You know the West Hollywood Police back then. There were some confrontations between us and the hippies and the powers that be and now the Mayor is giving us an award. So something's changed.
CMM: (laughs) The tides of time have shifted and changed that's for sure.

CMM: Who are you excited to see this weekend? SSMF is a big festival with bands from all over performing. Is there anyone that sticks out to you?
JD: Nobody in particular. My hearing is so gone from the cymbals crashing so i have to keep it low because of that.

CMM: Do you have any advice for young bands just starting out. Who dream of big things. Who maybe began playing music because of their discovery of The Doors records?
JD: Uniqueness, Find your own uniqueness. You can learn music by playing the blues and top 40 but eventually you've gotta find your own words and music or you'll be a tribute band.

CMM: This man to your left my right is Jim Ladd. What role did he play in the early days of the doors?
JD: Jim Ladd has continuously paid our rent by waxing our songs every night for 40 friggen years on the radio. Whats so beautiful about him is that he will only play what he wants to play. He has been threatened to be thrown off of stations and he said "Ok, well I'll take my fans with me" and the stations quickly changed their mind.

CMM: Thank You so much John and congratulations on receiving this honor tonight.
JD: Thank You.


Interview With The Doors guitarist Robby Krieger:
This is Shawn Kellner from Chicago Music Magazine, I am here on the red carpet outside of the House of Blues Sunset Strip in beautiful West Hollywood with the legendary guitarist of The Doors Robby Krieger who is being honored here tonight at the opening of Sunset Strip Music Festival.

CMM: How are you Robby?
RK: I'm great Man.

CMM: How does it feel to be here at the House of Blues Sunset Strip in Los Angeles in the town where it all began and be honored in the way your about to be tonight?
RK:Its very cool. I came from LA. I was born here. Its almost as good as having your footprints on Hollywood Boulevard.

CMM: A year ago you guys were here playing the Whiskey A Go Go reliving the early days of The Doors. Tonight you have allot of friends who will be speaking about their memories of the early days of The Doors. Whats one of your favorite moments from the early days as you guys were coming together as a group?
RK: Probably writing music with Jim Morrison. We just had a special bond going together songwriting wise that really worked.


Interview with The Doors Keyboardist Ray Manzarek:
This is Shawn Kellner from Chicago Music Magazine. Joining me now on the red carpet outside the House of Blues Sunset Strip is legendary keyboardist of The Doors Ray Manzarek.

CMM: Hi Ray. How does it feel to be honored in this way tonight.
RM: It feels great man. It feels great, stimulating and exciting. It's like a lifetime achievement award from your own place where it all started. You know, we started just right up here (points) the whole thing got started. Morrison, John Densmore, Ray Manzarek, and Robby Krieger played at The Whisky A Go Go.

CMM: Just 1 year ago you guys returned to the Whisky A Go Go and relived some of those early days and now here we are tonight and you guys (The Doors) are about to be honored.
RM: Ya, Its always great to be honored. Its always great to have someone say "You know what, your great." I mean that, people like that.

CMM: Thank You so much Ray.
RM: My pleasure. Enjoy.