CMM's Kelly Milionis interviews Executive Producer of the 60th Annual GRAMMY Awards Ken Ehrlich during the Recording Academy's Red Carpet Rollout at Madison Square Garden for the 60th Annual GRAMMY Awards (photo credit Elizabeth Lauer).

Kelly Milionis:  Ken, you spent quite a few years in Chicago (born and raised in Ohio) and you are a pioneer having been at the forefront of true 'live' performance music on television since then.  You originated "Made In Chicago" that eventually became "Soundstage" for PBS. What an honor and privilege it is to bring this full circle historically here today during GRAMMY Week...
Ken Ehrlich:  Live is what it should be.  Live is what differentiates event television from other is the fact that there's a spontaneity, there's an unpredictability and that's really what we want.  We want the audience to feel as though anything could's controlled, but anything could happen.

Kelly:  on his dream position as Executive Producer...
Ken:  No!  I still don't believe it sometimes.  I still wake up some days and just pinch myself.

Kelly:  on mentoring youngsters who would like to enter the business...
Ken:  You know it really is hard work.  The hard work pays off.  It doesn't always payoff as you want it to but it's worth it.  At the end of it; it IS worth it.

Kelly:  Thank you and much continued success.
Ken:  Thank you.

Ken Ehrlich photo credit Kelly Milionis
Kelly Milionis with Ken Ehrlich photo credit Elizabeth Lauer