New York’s own Mickey Factz stopped by the Chicago Music Magazine Headquarters today to chat with Chicago Music Magazine President Shawn Kellner, CMM Urban Music editor Jason JRoc Evans and Urban contributing writer and interviewer Kevin Marshall to discuss his current tour and latest and upcoming releases.


Chicago Music Magazine: What’s up Mickey? How you feelin’ today?
Mickey Factz: I’m good, bro.  How you doin’, man?

CMM: I’m fine, I’m fine. We wanted to talk to you about your latest releases. I hear you have a mixtape that just came out, and are releasing another one next Monday right behind it. What is that like for you?

Mickey Factz: I mean, it’s interesting.  I’m at an interesting place in my career where, you know what I’m saying, I have to revamp, and remind people what I used to do and what I can still do. Its back to floodin’ the Internet and letting them know that this is easy to me.  What you guys are doing takes you months. I can do this in like weeks, days.


CMM: That’s what’s up.  So, you’re in Chicago for the Machine Gun Kelly show that was cancelled. What’s that like for you to have the show being cancelled?

Mickey Factz: I mean it happens, things happen. Promoters and headline acts probably had some discrepancies but you know, I performed last night, and I’ll be performing tonight at Lincoln House. It’s that quick.  We don’t stress over things like that.


CMM: Right on, right back to working.  Tell us a few things you like about the city of Chicago. It’s my home.

Mickey Factz: You know, Gino’s (East). (Laughs) You know Gino’s is definitely number one on the list.  I can’t disrespect the Bulls. Shout out to my man D-Rose. The weather is a little wild and crazy kid sometimes because of the wind, but, for the most part, I really enjoy Chicago.


CMM: Yeah man, you know a little Chicago’s Gino’s pizza is what it is.  It’s a legendary pizza joint.  We want to get a little more serious and ask you your opinion of the current state of hip hop in New York and Chicago.

Mickey Factz: I think hip hop is moving in a great direction, especially from the newer cats that have been coming up. I’ve been checking out this guy, Chance the Rapper - he’s from Chicago and he is pretty dope. With New York, we’ve got French Montana, and myself, and we got Corey Gunnz, and Fred Da Godson. For me, I’m just excited as to where hip hop is going.  With like minded artists such as Lupe, and Kendrick Lamar, Elzhi, and Mos Def, were just trying to keep that lyricism where it needs to be.


CMM: You are a member of the “All City Chess Club,” right? That’s a big thing.  How do you feel about that?
Mickey Factz: You know, I feel like I’m the “Last of the Mohicans” that are repping it. (Laughs) But you know, I rep, you know what I’m sayin’,  If I’m a part of something I rep until it is no more to rep. I feel like that’s what I’m supposed to do. Me and Lupe spoke about it. He loves the fact that I continue to rep. It is what it is. It’s still an honor to be a part of that group.


CMM: There was a big storm out your way in New York, which is home for you. What would you like to say to those back at home affected by the storm?
Mickey Factz:  Nothing but love to those affected by Sandy, but you know, we’re New Yorkers, we will get over it in like a day or two.  That ain’t nothing new to us.  I’ve spoken to people back home and they are outside already.  


CMM: I know you’re a New Yorker and are Brooklyn’s finest, so, how do you feel about Jay-Z bringing the Nets to Brooklyn?

Mickey Factz: It’s kinda crazy because for the first time in a long time we have two basketball teams, two football teams, two baseball teams, three hockey teams. It’s kinda exciting.  He is bringing more opportunities and more jobs to New York City, for the inner city people in Brooklyn. It’s just a wonderful project that he has put together.  He doesn’t own a lot of it, however, just the fact that he is the face of it gives a lot of people hope and the ability to aspire to be something better than they are right now. So that’s a good look.


CMM: Thank you, Mickey, for taking your time to stop by the Chicago Music Magazine HQ and talk with us today. We look forward to doing it again when you come back to Chicago or when we meet up on the road. Any final thoughts?

Mickey: I’m gonna come back through in late November and we can definitely touch down, regroup, and make something happen.


CMM: Thanks for your time. Shout out to Brooklyn and all of NYC.