Universe is a four piece rock band from the suburbs of Chicago who have played a string of Chicago haunts and continued to rise up the ladder playing with such Warped Tour participants as Saline and Chicago’s long standing Artists Vs. Athletes. Comprised of lead singer Jamie Miller, guitarist Paul Fleck, bassist Christopher Boyle, and hard hitting drummer Pierce Burke, these four men, with the help of Empire’s Max Steger, are planning to take Chicago by storm once again with their sophomore album now in the works.

LM: What do you hope to achieve on your second album that you didn't on your first?

Jamie: Maybe catch a slightly different audience for our music but still keep all of the heavy or hard alt/punk rock folks.

LM: How is your sophomore album going to differ from your first?

Jamie: It feels more matured but not far off from our current sound. Definitely more of a themed album.

LM: How would you describe your new sound, if it is different?

Jamie: It is not too different, maybe some calmer feeling songs more along the lines of Blue but much more mature in every sense of the song.

LM: What inspired you while writing new songs?

Jamie: My past relationships and more real life bs versus on Chances where I wrote a few songs from how I thought my friends might feel in their perspective usually targeting their issues and some inspiring me to move forward in life. The second album definitely covers a much deeper look into some of the issues I struggled with over the last few years that I figured people could relate to. Chances was dedicated to friends that all probably don't know they might have a song I wrote for them and I might keep it that way.

LM: Who would you say is your biggest inspiration?

Jamie: There definitely isn't just one person who inspired me more than others. Family, friends, fans, music, places, experiences, moments... It's usually something that urges me to feel like I want to be productive and I just go straight into write mode. That seems to create much more meaningful songs rather than just calling up Chris and being like let's jam. We might come up with a riff that spawns a song but we usually take a few days on it.

LM: Who is going to be producing your album, and why?

Jamie: Well we have already started recording some demos with our buddy Max Steger from Empires who also produced Chances for us. We will likely be going with him as long as he isn't on tour.

LM: What would be your dream line up for a show?

Jamie: Pink Floyd (Darkside of the Moon only)
Jimmy Hendrix
Led Zeppelin

... You said dream line up, right?

LM: Where do you see yourselves in the next year?

Jamie: Hopefully getting out on the road and find some new venues around the states.

Photo and Interview by: Lauren-Marie Fanelli