It must be understood, this is not just any interview with an organizer of an event.  Starsinger is not just any being one may come into contact with.  ‘Unique’ would be an enormously false understatement.

The Seven7Sisters performance was unlike anything I had ever experienced.  It was transcendent.  The tones that came from Starsinger seemed impossible.  After attending, "Return of the Star Tribes:  Devotion to the Sky" the weekend of August 4 - 6, 2017 at the Center for Spiritual Living in Greater Las Vegas, I naturally had some questions.

Starsinger, the master behind the curtain, produced this first ever "Return of the Star Tribe: Devotion to the Sky" sacred ceremonial retreat through Seven7Sisters Production and devoted a lot of time and energy to ensure its success.  She met with me a few days after I’d returned from Vegas to answer some of my questions through a virtual session.

Liz Lauer, Chicago Music Magazine:  What was the main purpose of putting together "Return of the Star Tribes:  Devotion to the Sky"?
Seven7Sisters' Starsinger:  Bringing all of the people together, all the different cultures, all the different lines with different energies, bringing these all together and putting them together in one container.  I am a universalist, I work with all of the different energies from different cultures and lineages.  The prophecy of Seven7Sisters production, is to bring people together into a unified energy field in one united voice.

Liz:  Tell me more about the actual performance.  The voices and tones from the crystal bowl harmonized incredibly.
Starsinger:  The actual stage performance of the Seven7Sisters is about bringing people together and unifying the divine feminine in her many faces and forms to create positive change on the planet.  This is done by unifying all the energies of the women in the ceremony; a beautiful harmonization of the voice of women tuned perfectly with the healing tones of 7 crystal bowls singing songs from different traditions.  This becomes one vibrational frequency; ultimately one energy.  I was given different codes and instructions to be able to unify the energy field.  The unified field theory is based on a connection between spirit and science.  I draw individual performers together to become empty channels for this prophecy to manifest the planetary healing.  The ceremony that is brought to the stage is where the energies of the transmission enter into the planetary grid.  Everyone in presence receives the energy that fills the molecules in the air and cells in the body; it is up to those in presence and their soul’s evolution to determine how much they actually receive of it.  If one is not ready to receive that much energy, it is all in alignment with the higher self. Seven7Sisters production puts together an amazing energy to be delivered to the consciousness through this performance.

Liz:  How did you meet the six other sisters?  How did you incorporate them into the group?
Starsinger:  Nobody is permanent in Seven7Sisters except for me.  Seven7Sisters is an energy I was given from a very profound visitation, the Elohim and the Pleiades when I was on Maui.  It is an energy that I hold and dispense through my body to whoever is sitting with me who can hold it.  I carry the prophecy of Seven7Sisters as the guardian of the transmission.

Liz:  Las Vegas was chosen for a specific reason; Can you explain the planetary grids which were a discussion point during the festival?
Starsinger:  I’ve been working with the planetary grids for quite a long time with a different awareness level.  The energy points connect all the vibrations.  I view it as a light web coming into assist with the consciousness of humanity.  Timelines are connected to the planetary grid.  I know many people who are working the connected energies to change timelines in order for the earth to go into a place of peace, harmony, unconditional love, and ascension instead of destruction.  We want people to wake up to their own divinity, so they can do the work they are here to do.  It matters that people are awakened to their full potential so they can help right now!  We are at a very pivotal time in the earth’s history.  Vegas has a tremendous energy pull for various reasons.  The timing for this event was matched to the lunar eclipse, occurring the same weekend.  The moon is the feminine; the sun, masculine.  I chose this time because it is a powerful time to set intention to create change - A time of planetary forces at work.  The Seven7Sisters intention was to raise feminine consciousness within the lunar eclipse window during this special time we embraced.

Liz:  Tell me more about your name and what that signifies.
Starsinger: I was given the name Starsinger through Ariel Spilsbury, the 13 moon high priestess initiation.  She transmitted to me the crystal singing ability through this initiation.  So I basically started singing and tuning into what that was.  Initiation is something that opens within you after the ceremony is done for you.  I started to tone with my crystal bowl; where I was communicating to the depth of my soul and would literally become one with the universe.  I could stare up to the sun and sing to that.  I could stare at a star, pick a particular star, and bring that down to me through the bowl and into the tones.  This is how I discovered the key to singing the vibration for people.  I am literally connecting to the essence of everyone in the universe and I light them up with the star frequencies that come through me.  This is how I am in tune to the world.  I can see the out-of-alignment vibrations through people.  I can see what needs to be repaired and what needs to be shifted.  It is like turning on a magnifying glass using consciousness.  I am tuning into people and shifting any negative dense vibrations around them so they are free of it when they leave. I understand, with great power comes great responsibility.  My life path, initiation, and finding out more and more about myself so I can properly use my gifts.  I am a planetary activator.  People ask me why I am so ungrounded, and it is an interesting concept.  Because I am an activator, when I am grounded to the earth star I shift huge energy,  I purposely stay ungrounded until I know I need to connect to initiate healing.  I am very empathic, that is how I help people and the earth.  It is a big gift that has taken me a long time to hone.  I empathically feel people as if they were one with me.  Their life memories are my life. When I heal, the planet heals.  When I do these Seven7Sisters transmissions for the planetary healing, I also go through a healing at the same time as the planetary healing.

Liz:  How did you become interested in discovering the connection you now possess?  You are from Canada, at what point did you find interest in finding your higher self?  You were tuned into something at some point, how did it transform you?
Starsinger:  I was hit by a car when I was seven and had a near-death experience.  Partially paralyzed, I had to learn to talk, walk, run, write and read again.  I was born left handed and became right handed after this accident.  That was the point it started for me - my Destiny was changed at that time.  When I was 19, I started to travel around the world searching for healers and teachers to help me with the special gifts I had.  I became connected by searching for my own healing, which is profound in itself.  It was through this search for my own healing where I received gifts to teach and heal.  I traveled the world:  India, Australia, Africa, to Palenque, Mexico searching for healers and teachers.  Over a time period of 15 years, I was initiated 5 different times into five different traditions of the world and adopted by 2 Hawaiian families, one of which carries the royal bloodline of the Hawaiian people.  Through a Hawaiian naming ceremony I was given the name Ohuanapua, which means gatherer of the descendants.  This name was a destined name for me as it is what I do with Seven7Sisters.  There are many people on this planet that come in from the future, and I am one of those people.  We were all given encodings to help the world come into a place of more peace and harmony.

Liz:  So this is all metaphysical...?
Starsinger:  What you believe creates your reality and this is metaphysical.  That is where science meets spirit.  Basically, you create your own reality through your own thought system.  Thoughts become the vibration it makes, vibration becomes matter.  Everyone has their own matrix around them and sound can shift that matrix to a higher vibration.  That is my goal with Seven7Sisters stage ceremonies, for the activation of personal and planetary healing through the power of sound and one united voice.

I have never met anyone like Starsinger.  The life she leads is not an ordinary one as you can gather.  She is a very kind soul who is direct in her beliefs, but not one to force anything on you.  Her life has been built upon her completely extraordinary life experiences.  She is open to relay the information she has gathered along the way and that is her complete intention with Seven7Sisters.

Starsinger - Photo Credit:  Tami Yaron

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