"Return of the Star Tribes:  Devotion to the Sky"
Center for Spiritual Living Greater Las Vegas

On Sunday, August 6th, we transcended through the positive, negative and creative spaces.

As we entered the via positiva, the beauty of life, Tree Hill shared a poem of gratitude:

It is strange how often our environment alters its' state - It changes - like, cancers swing moods. Unfolding, Instantly from infants - those children chose their parents to help them learn lessons. Understand...
You are co-creator! Please tell me why you act so hard? Why you hide from God? Possess the light within you as flocks of pigeons praying at Mass are doing -
Get on your knees and bow to your Planet...

Her words are one thing, but her delivery is so unbelievably moving and empowering.  She is loud and clear, perfectly enunciated.  She is heard.

Give back to your Mother, Be forgiven...
Why bother being cordial when your opposing thoughts are more genuine than your actions, they're passive! Remain secluded. When you are ready to expose your pain, your issue, express it! Do not speak of union unless you're willing to share that sandwich you're eating! I scream fire in a crowd of people - there are consequences for me, "causably" [cause-A-BLEE] responsible for their reactions, I acknowledge that.

Tree is wisdom.  She stands tall, with great poise, grace, and dignity.  Her trunk is solid, her foundation unwavering.  She speaks her poem as a story, utilizing her intonation brilliantly.  Entrancing.

I observed the sun last night - move along my ceiling...
It spoke: called me "Sun Child, beware of my rays that give life and charge your crystals all day! I heat lava, so that volcanoes explode just to show you how powerful healing is."
& Experiencing them both: love and pain, simultaneously like the thought or concept of a genetically modified vegetable pretending to produce melanin inside our organs, sick - from made promises I did not keep. I am sorry I failed to maintain my only responsibility to you my fellow beings, RESPECT: is just a foundation. What makes you think you're misunderstood, I'm misunderstood. You aren't the only one, understand? Matter of fact, inner-galactic, we are all psychic, what a delight to - nice to meet you, bow to my people, beautiful minds' you have! Peace to the Youth, keepers of Truth - no institution. Depict a vision...

She goes into a rap of words at a pace quick for the tongue.  But the words she says are powerful enough to pierce the element of speed and are heard for what they are.  Her message is conveyed.

Sometimes we are selfish, no need be defensive when doing for others. It is all an illusion. Discern what you will and let your heart lead you.

I was absolutely amazed when I heard the words spew out of her, presented with a poise I had never seen before.  This woman is special.  From our state of bowing to the earth, I couldn’t help but lift my head and watch her every move.  I was tranquilized by her words.

Tree Hill explains:  I just find a way to navigate things.  How I write is how I think.  I am always in my mind, working on not being in my mind so much.

Liz Lauer, Chicago Music Magazine:  But you get it out, get it down.
Tree Hill:  It takes me awhile to write a poem.  Just because I’m a perfectionist as well when I am writing.   Whether it's academic or creative.  It's the academic writing I am very serious about grammar and punctuation word choices and how it will be received to the reader.  And, when I am writing creatively, it is not for me.  It's just what comes through.

Liz:  You are an observer.  You are solid because you walk up to people and you observe and assert yourself.  So you see it and you call it as you see it.  This is how I perceive you.
Tree:  That's good, it works for me, I like that.  I became an observer.  I lived in India for 4 months 10 years ago.  I watched a woman birth and she had passed away, and there was a ceremony for her.  And that's the first time, you know.  I had no negative emotions and I just watched it.  From that day on, I just began to observe myself and my environment way better.  Before, you know when you are going on the path of going within and trying to understand the world and what is religion and etc., you become angry initially.  You find out that our government is pimping us, that initial reaction is, you know, and I was like 19 at the time, so I was very angry, but when I had that experience, something happened and it changed.  So since then, I’ve been working, whatever that means, just living.

Liz:  What is your background?
Tree:  I am from Ohio.  From Akron Ohio, interesting place.  I like that I am from there because it's a challenge to be in a space like this coming from a place like that.  I often like to retrace my steps in seeing how I did it so that I can show my brother.  So I can show my cousins.  So when I go home, it's like, 'Oh my God, I forgot what is happening'.  It's not up to me to change anyone, but that is probably my biggest responsibility is helping my family.  That's the hardest.  There are other things too, obviously.  So I’m just here.

Liz:  So you don’t have to say much to be profound.  Your words are powerful!

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We took the energy we received in this positive space and shared it, recycling the energy.  Then transitioned to the via negativa, honoring the not-so-pretty stuff we all encounter in our lives.  And we went into a grieving process, acknowledging what is happening in the world and our lives and all the things weighing on our hearts and our minds that are difficult.  Painful.  We were asked to release whatever pain was on our heart, because without release, it is impossible to open up for more joy.   We need to give ourselves the capacity to allow ourselves to feel and acknowledge that.

Out of darkness, we emerge like the sun, life flows through us.  From the via positiva and the via negativa we combine the highs and lows for a place of creativity.  We get stronger with a large capacity and enter the via creativa.

Tree Hill again:

Butterfly, a name I was coined before I became one - still a cocoon. Learning to compile poetry and prayer, interestingly beautiful...

I had no idea Trees grew so fast!

...My point is, I had no idea Trees grew so fast! How many experiences to realize its' symbology, she's nothing but soil.

...At first I was stuck in what seemed to be sand.

No, you aren't your thoughts! No, you aren't your emotions! You aren't the thinker, Ego is thinking for you! You are whom you think you are - sounds conflicting? Careful not to judge. Observe the informant. Do not force compassion! Laugh when you've lost authenticity. This isn't a game! What will you prove? Oh MY Goddess, you are an entity between spaciousness and form.

...Surrender. Trust in Self. Who aren't you forgiving? You're identifying with pain, again?!

...You're experiencing anger, it isn't you. Question every belief you've ever had! Don't be petty - take responsibility! You know nothing, be still... "but how will I learn from plants that don't look like me?"  Haven't you heard of PermaCulture? You don't own your lover! Shed the condition. Release what isn't serving you love! Be the vehicle of which will allow the channeling of your gifts and perform. Serve others, That - is Truth.

We are all in this thing called life.  We all go through it and we connect with each other.  We encounter a lot.  Feel a lot.  Just BE-ing isn’t all it cracked up to be.  There are hardships that are very real, ESPECIALLY right now.  The world is in a troubled state, in so many senses of the word, it's impossible to comprehend what is happening.  There are so many different thoughts and angles; it pays to be positive but it can be a daunting task.

Tree Hill - Photo Credit:  Elizabeth Lauer