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Producer:  Mike Spinelli (Spinmont Productions)
Mix Engineer:  Mike Spinelli (Spinmont Productions)
Mastering Engineer:  David Spinelli (Spinmont Productions)
Recorded at:  Spinmont Studios
Cover Art:  Randy Daniels
Jiji photo credit by Randy Daniels
Lyrics:  Randy Daniels and Jiji

At first listen, and without knowing the artist's name, one could easily think this new track was already busting out at radio, at streaming services, at all online outlets, and on the Charts, delivered by one of the few prominent major label A-list Producer/DJ's with the chops to pull that off like Major Lazer and DJ Snake, while utilizing the exceptional female vocal talents of a highly seasoned veteran like MØ, Tove Lo, or Ellie Goulding; but wait..."OK (feat. Jiji)" is an incredibly powerful track from Chicago's very own Jetpack Hotline featuring the debut of incredible female vocalist Jiji...yes, JETPACK HOTLINE featuring Jiji (who also hails from the Chicagoland area)!  And furthermore, there is no record company associated with Jetpack Hotline.  All DIY.  If that is not enough to get you to wanna grab the new single entitled, "OK (feat. Jiji)" on release day, this Wednesday, January 25...I don't know what will!  "OK (feat. Jiji)" will be available on all major streaming and other music outlets, including Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Apple Music, Youtube, SoundCloud, Pandora, etc.

Jetpack Hotline are Mike Spinelli (Producer/Guitarist) and Randy Daniels (Producer/Vocalist) who first met on a competitive speech team in a community college in a suburb of Chicago. They quickly formed a strong bond...sharing a similar love for punk music, weird YouTube videos, and a passion for optimizing their unique talents.  Most important though was their friendship, which came with a strong knowledge of each other's strengths, and an understanding on how to successfully bring out the best in one another.  After both graduated from a 4 year university, they reconnected because of their love for music.  Over the next 4 years they used their knowledge to grow and refine their songwriting and production techniques, resulting in a creative and productive studio team.  As Chicago-based freelance music producers, they specialize in original songwriting, lyric-writing, music production, mixing and mastering of complete tracks.  All productions, arrangements, and instrumentals are self-created in the duo's simple yet professional home studio.  Delivering creative and professional results on a lean budget is one of the pair's top strengths.  Spinelli and Daniels are consummate musicians who have a sincere love of their profession and a complete dedication to and passion for their craft.  They are willing to go to great lengths to capture the 'right sound' or to seek out the 'correct element' of a song and deliver it to their fans...they are willing to experiment.  In early 2015, they created a six-song demo of dance beat driven Alt-Electro tracks under the name, Jetpack Hotline, that secured them a headlining spot at a midsummer music festival. Since then, the duo has been busy discovering new sounds, playing live shows with bandmates, Dan Robb (Bass) and Joe Precup (Drums), and producing and releasing music; self-titled album "Jetpack Hotline" out November 17th, 2015; single "Tough" out on October 11th, 2016; and, their new single entitled, "OK (feat. Jiji)" out this Wednesday, January 25th.

"We are new to this, and it's a new process to us, and we know that we have a lot of great things we want to share with a much broader audience," states Spinelli excitedly.  "We are music producers.  We just want to keep creating. We want people to join us.  We have a crazy live show...the whole other element to our production is our live show where we basically take all of our productions, which are pretty much electronically based, and sort of morph into a live alternative rock kind of electronic show that's super high energy.  It's really pretty different from the production, but it's a lot more wild.  It's like a Red Hot Chili Peppers wild!"

Jiji is a self-described wailer who writes melodies with influences from blues, jazz, rock, and pop.  Born and raised in the Chicagoland area, she loves to move, groove, think, and fly through the rafters.  Recently, she's been working with big Automotive names such as Toyota and the Chevy Volt, as she loves to sing in her car. She praises the scientist, laughs at policy makers and questions the intellectual with enjoyment.

"I saw a Jetpack show last spring," explains Jiji.  "As soon as was socially appropriate, I walked straight up to Mike and said, "I've gotta work with you."  The man is brimming with talent, not to mention he is a stand-up person and someone in whom you can put all your trust.  We had too much fun forming a few tracks and after a few months he mentioned Randy would love to come by too and put something together.  When we got together, it was like a bunch of writers for a TV show sitting together and creating this story, a story that may or may not have some truth from our own lives, or variations thereof, and it just came together quite effortlessly.  The story of the track is around that feeling when you might be into somebody but people you care about are advising against it.  And while some people might take others' word for it, others have to learn the hard way about that person's reputation.  Personally, I tried to learn all my heartbreak lessons through my older sisters' pain.  It may have well as been my pain, I love them so damn much."

Spinelli adds, "The beat and the backing track of our new single, "OK (feat. Jiji)" is actually based off the bridge of the song, "Dinosaur Princess" found on our first album which was slowed down from 130BPM to 104BPM.  I basically cut it apart and arranged it.  As far as the vocals go, we worked with Jiji, who is actually making her debut as an artist on this track, so we are really excited to work with her.  She came over and worked with Randy and I in the studio to lay down the vocals."  "The rapping is going to be all me," offers Daniels.  "The lyric we came up with in the studio.  Jiji and I worked together on the chorus."

"We are excited about sharing the track with everyone," states Spinelli.  "We want to hear from anybody who enjoys the track!   We want to get to know our audience.  We had a fabulous time working on the track.  It was fun...SUPER FUN!  Some tracks are painful to make.  This track, when Jiji and Randy got into the studio and laid down the vocals, for me it was seamless after that.  It was a lot of FUN to work on!  We focus on having FUN with each other!"

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PREVIEW NEW SINGLE "OK (feat. Jiji)" by Jetpack Hotline on SoundCloud here

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