Studio PAV M&C and Jackie Chan Group Korea are bringing Korean boy group JJCC (Double JC) to the US!  Their tour will launch in Chicago, IL on August 6 at Nichols Concert Hall, with seven additional stops in the US, Central America, and South America.

JJCC (더블제이씨) - 첨엔 다 그래 (At First)

JJCC debuted in March of 2014 under Jackie Chan Group Korea with the single "At First."  The group has released two EPs in Korean and seven non-album singles in both Korean and Japanese. The boys are well-known for their silliness offstage and put forth strong performances onstage.

JJCC (더블제이씨) - 울지 말아요 (Don't Cry)

Their latest single "Don’t Cry" was released in March marking member E.Co’s entry into mandatory military service. Member's Simba, Eddy, Zico, Yul, and San Cheong will be present on the tour, while E.Co has already begun his service.  JJCC has had successful tours in both Europe and Asia. This tour will JJCC’s first tour in the US and the Americas. The group has also announced they will be having a comeback. You can check out the video announcement on YouTube here.

The concert in Chicago will be at Nichols Concert Hall, 1490 Chicago Avenue, Evanston, IL 60201, on Sunday, August 6th at 7:30pm.  Tickets are available online at K-Pop Tickets here.  There are VVIP, VIP, and GA ticket tiers. For GA tickets you can use promo code JJCC50GA and get 50% off $69 tickets only for $34.50!

VVIP and VIP ticket holders will receive early attendance, rehearsal attendance, group photo session, and high touch, and VVIP ticket holders will also receive an autographed album and backstage tour! There is an outlined timetable of the evening available on Studio PAV M&C's Facebook page here.

Studio PAV M&C posted on Facebook a few tidbits of what to expect for the evening. “Be ready to be picked up for a game with JJCC on the stage. Post-it and board will be ready in the lobby, Write a question and post it. Your question might be picked by JJCC. Stay awake to catch signed gifts from JJCC. And many more fun.

Merch will also be available for online preorder as well as at the venue. Preorder started on July 31 and all items will need to be picked up at the venue. There is a special discount if you preorder online at K-Pop Tickets here!

After Chicago, JJCC will continue their tour in Houston, TX; Atlanta, GA; Englewood, NJ; Mexico City, Mexico; Miami, FL; San Juan, Puerto Rico; and Lima, Peru.

Visit Studio PAV M&C on Facebook here for additional updates and information on JJCC’s 1st Appearance in America!  (SOURCE: Studio PAV M&C )

Check back with Chicago Music Magazine for more information about this and other upcoming Korean concerts and events in Chicago and the US!

Photo of JJCC from Studio PAV M&C Facebook page.