Multi-talented singer-songwriter Shay Jones is set to showcase her mixed-media physical artwork in a limited and private showing at Berry Manor, 737 East 69th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60637 on Thursday, August 10th from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.  Musical works will be performed as well.

Jones' artwork includes 3D people images, angels, divas, abstract paintings of ecology, animals, and KorKidz along with Faces and Colors of Emotion Series.

Shay Jones - "KorKidz Journey Home"

"The Faces and Colors of Emotion Series came about as a way for me to visually demonstrate how the frightened child and spirit of us, which is invisible and colorless, has discovered a way to camouflage ourselves behind masks," explains Jones.  "Our emotions are colorful depending on the perceived situation, thereby putting a best face forward."

Shay Jones - "Art Of Love"

Known as a remarkable singer-songwriter, Jones was a member of the pioneering industrial metal band MINISTRY founded by lead singer Al Jourgensen.  Jones also shares a musical lineage as a distant relative in a creative and talented musical family...the Osborne Family.  Clarence "Legs" Osborne played trumpet with Duke Ellington, Lionel Hampton, and Count Basie, and Jeffrey Osborne, four-time GRAMMY Award-nominated funk/R&B singer-songwriter, has enjoyed tremendous success as a songwriter, having written "All At Once" for Whitney Houston, and as a performing artist duetting with Dionne Warwick on "Love Power".

Ministry - "I Wanted To Tell Her"
Composed and Written by Shay Jones and Al Jourgensen

Shay Jones photo credit Steven Wolf