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Currently trending number 2 worldwide on YouTube, "DNA" has already reached an impressive 16.5 million views since it’s release only hours ago. The latest song by BTS is EDM pop and “reaches its climax during the choreography scene when all seven BTS members hold hands together and connect as one like DNA” as the group described at their press conference leading up to the release of the album.

Sunny (SNSD) and Henry 9/15 "U&I"

Sunny and Henry - "U&I"

"U&I" is a jazzy ballad, the two vocalists from SM Entertainment teamed up together for the single. The single is the 24th song to be released through SM Station as a part of their second season.

Bobby (iKON) 9/14 "I Love You"

Bobby - "I Love You"

One of the rappers of IKON, Bobby made his solo debut on 9/14. He released "I Love You", an upbeat hip hop track about breaking up while still being in love. He also released a music video for "Runaway." In an interview, Bobby stated about the track, “I expressed the feelings of people who are having trouble with and tired of chasing their dreams and wanting to escape.”

Bobby (iKON) 9/14 "Runaway"

Bobby - "Runaway"

GFRIEND 9/13 "Summer Rain"

GFRIEND - "Summer Rain"

Upbeat pop song with a sentimental feel. The track starts off with Schumann’s "Liederkreis Dichterliebe op.48-1" giving the song a unique classical sound. GFriend released their repackaged album on 9/13 which continues with the same theme as their previous album series.

Yoona (SNSD) 9/8 "When The Wind Blows"

Yoona - "When The Wind Blows"

Yoona wrote the lyrics to her latest single "When The Wind Blows". The ballad features her airy vocals alongside acoustic guitar and focuses on happy moments with a loved one. The single is the 23rd song to be released on SM Station’s second season.

Pentagon 9/6 "Like This"

Pentagon - "Like This"

Written by the leader Hui of Pentagon, "Like This" is a soft EDM track with catchy lyrics and has a chorus that makes you want to dance. Returning with their 4th mini album, Demo_01, Pentagon continue to show off their abundant talent.

Junho (2PM) 9/11 "Canvas"

Junho - "Canvas"

Junho of 2PM released his first Korean mini album Canvas on 9/11, with title track "Canvas." The song has an R&B vibe layered with Junho’s smooth vocals. The music video is full of colors as vibrant as the lyrics.

DAY6 9/6 "I Loved You"

DAY6 - "I Loved You"

DAY6 returns with their Every DAY6 September single album featuring the soulful track "I Loved You". The softrock song invokes a melancholy feel as they croon about not being able to forget a past love.

EXO 9/5 "Power"

EXO - "Power"

"Power" is a synth heavy EDM track about finding strength and unity through music. EXO returns as an eight member group with the 4th album repackage of The War. The concept is fun and colorful with the members fighting a giant robot in a video game like world. The music video has 17.5 million views on YouTube.

B.A.P 9/5 "Honeymoon"

The title track of B.A.P’s 7th single album Blue, "Honeymoon" is a catchy pop song with a whistle sound that gives the song a dream-like quality.

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