They barged into the room like they owned the place. They were fast, loud, and rude, with something vaguely seedy about them. Jeff Gonzales (drums), the tall one, quiet...and brooding, took a seat at the back. The other two stood restlessly, like they couldn’t be bothered to slow down. Dominick Dolio (guitar and vocals), was the loose cannon, making faces and fidgeting. Keith Burman (lead vocals and bass), was intense, but with a sly smirk and a quick mouth. It was clear that these doo wop punks had been hired to start something. They were the Private Instigators, and they’re starting something soon.

So goes the bio of Private Instigators...a band of punks based in Chicago trying to start something soon.  Well, maybe, they'll be starting something at their upcoming record release party at Martyrs', 3855 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL on Saturday, November 26th at 9:00pm.  The band will be supporting their new album entitled, "The Case Files of The Private Instigators Reopened" (released June 24th, 2016, on Prize Fighter Records).  Tickets are available through the Martyrs' website here.

Jeff Gonzales, already noted, is very much the quiet one of the group; his catch phrase is a shrug.  Dominick Dolio grew up in Chicago and attended Columbia College, with a concentration in music business. He began playing music on stage at the age of 14.  Rumor has it that he drove from Cleveland to Chicago with Marky Ramone in his car. It was just him and a Ramone listening to nothing but Chuck Berry and Doo Wop music all the way to the next city.  "We didn't talk at all really," Dominick explains.  "Just listening to music of the past and the V8 engine."  As for Keith Burman, he enjoys being the lead vocalist, with more than a three octave vocal range, as well as bass player.  He spends his time flirting with audiences across the country.

"The Case Files of The Private Instigators Reopened" was produced by multi-platinum GRAMMY Award-nominated and Latin GRAMMY Award-nominated engineer/producer Chris Steinmetz (Sones de Mexico Ensemble, Nas & R.Kelly, Lovehammers, Suicidal Tendencies, Common, KISS).  The band's debut EP entitled, "The Case Files of the Private Instigators" (released December 17th, 2013) was funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign.

View the music video "Too Pretty For Prison" by Private Instigators on YouTube here.

Private Instigators on Facebook; Private Instigators on Twitter; Private Instigators on YouTube

Saturday, November 26th, 2016

Cobalt & the Hired Guns
Fantastic Mammals

3855 North Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL 60613
Phone:  773-404-9494

Show:  9:00pm