GRAMMY Award-nominated Windwalker and the MCW, GRAMMY Award-nominated Youssoupha Sidibe, Deya Dova, Sasha Rose, Serena Gabriel, Larisa Stow & Shakti Tribe, Seven7Sistersalong with many more star performers are set to participate during "Return of the Star Tribes:  Devotion to the Sky", a Sacred Ceremonial Retreat filled with prayer, performances, workshops, and offerings of wisdom, knowledge, and information at the Center for Spiritual Living, 1420 East Harmon Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119, a three-day weekend event scheduled for Friday, August 4th through Sunday, August 6th, 2017, and presented by and produced by Starsinger.  Seven7Sisters unites creative beings from all different genres into one breath, one united voice, one prayer and one collective movement to catalyze positive changes that are necessary at this time on earth.  This ceremonial weekend is primarily held and led by the lineages of the sacred feminine from different traditions in the world and will inspire and enhance creativity while activating true potential.  Three-day Ceremony Tickets are priced at $220 dollars.  Day Passes are priced at $70 dollars.  Night Passes are priced at $54 dollars.  All Tickets are available online at Pleiadian Productions here.

"The purpose of Return of the Star Tribes: Devotion to the Sky is to ignite the personal divine spark, collectively anchoring and activating a new planetary grid for peace and harmony on earth," states Starsinger, member of Seven7Sisters and producer of the Ceremonial Retreat.  "Why is this incredible event being held in Las Vegas?  Las Vegas is a remarkable story of how the city even began.  Las Vegas began by a vision. There are a huge amount of natural earth and star vortexes in Las Vegas.  60% of the entire city runs on solar power. Las Vegas is one of the most visited places in the world and all that energy that is cultivated there is commonly used for parties and gambling. What we are doing in Las Vegas for this remarkable event is changing the paradigm around this city and will plant seeds to awaken more spiritual potential in this amazing Desert Vortex."

"It is time for the balance and the unblocking of the Universal segregation, not only with the thunder drum of the heartbeat of all that is, but also with a vibrations of all healers coming together in one Circle Under the Stars, in a place where we can be heard and gather," explains GRAMMY Award-nominated Native American singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist and Medicine Woman/Shaman, Windwalker.  "For there is a vortex that we need to be around and help heal this world, the universe, and Beyond.  It seems that us Healers have done this several times before, whenever there is a huge change or shift, so it feels very familiar and very well needed.  We need to get these people to this destination for this is vital; very, very, vital for this healing process to happen.  I know that my songs are so ancient and they've been passed down and I need to pass them to the generations yet to come."

Event offerings include: Performances, Sacred rattle making, Shawl dances, Women's Wisdom, Mother drumming, Cosmic mass, Gridlines/songlines, Communicating with star nations, Working earth and elemental energies, Manifestation techniques, Yoga, Sufi chanting and dancing, Artisan crafts, Conscious vendors, Energy Readings, Healing, Star Knowledge, Earth Wisdom, Ceremony, Pujas, Song, and Intentional Dance.  A full Sacred Ceremonial Retreat schedule is available here.

Windwalker and the MCW - "Grandfather"

GRAMMY Award-nominated Windwalker was born of the Mi'maq, Cherokee and Lenape people, and raised in the medicine power of the land, growing up learning all about the medicinal that heal the inner waters that carries disease at her Mi'maq grandmother’s side. Her passion for ancient herbal remedies, Native drumming and flute led her to become a renowned Third Generation Medicine Woman/Shaman, a bodyworker, reiki master & minister. She also founded her own women's traditional drum, The MultiCultural Women's Drum (MCW).  Windwalker and the MCW received their GRAMMY Award-nomination in the 'Best Regional Roots Music Album' category for "Generations" at the 58th Annual GRAMMY Awards in 2015.  Windwalker is an active participant in assisting the homeless also known as "Earth Walkers," Teen Suicide Prevention; Elders Assistance on the Reservations; Water Protection; Veterans; Battered Women & Children; and a pleathera of other causes.  Windwalker teaches the importance of understanding and helping to better Earth Mother, conducting ceremonies at all bodies of water.  Through the Healing or Inner Waters Workshops conducted by Windwalker, she passes on these ancient ways to have them available for those generations yet to come. Some of these methods used in healing techniques include the hands, but also shell medicine, drumming, flute, and ancient songs to name a few. Windwalker will be leading the women's drum with the MCW, speaking, and teaching a workshop.

Youssoupha Sidibe - "Happiness"

GRAMMY Award-nominated Youssoupha Sidibe is a Senegalese West African Kora (African Harp) player. Throw out all your ideas of what a harpist is, Sidibe breaks out of traditional Kora styles many hundreds of years old, still predominant in Kora players, to create a new style blending aspects of Reggae, and western music creating a new style that has never been heard before. He received a 2007 GRAMMY Award-nomination for 'Best Reggae Album' for "Youth", a collaboration with Matisyahu. Sidibe has performed and recorded with many exceptional musicians, including Matisyahu, Michael Franti, India Arie, Steve Kimock, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Michael Kang of String Cheese Incident, Chris Berry Trio, Charles Neville, Midnite and has performed at many most famous festivals and venues in the world including, The Hammerstein Ballroom NYC, The Warfield Theatre San Francisco CA, The African Festival of the Arts Chicago IL, Salmon Arm Roots and Blues British Columbia, to name a few. Sidibe will be part of the opening ceremonies on Friday night, teaching a workshop on Saturday and appearing as a special guest for the ceremonial offerings throughout the entire weekend.

Deya Dova - "Return of the Bird Tribes"

Deya Dova fuses the earthy human-ness and sensual power of her voice with the cutting edge futurism of Global Bass music. Hailing from the expansive Nullarbor desert in Australia and currently based in the Byron Bay area she is one of the few female electronic producers and a ground breaking vocalist recording live at sacred sites, Synthesizing ancient Songlines / Tribal voices and evocative storytelling with Cinematic soundscapes, whomping bass, textural glitch and totemic beats, Deya Dova invokes a mythic temple vibe and brings euphoric tribalism to the dance floor. Dova was born “behind the veil”, inside her intact water membrane. According to folklore, these people inherit an innate connection between the worlds. And it is this otherworldly-ness, deep mysticism and memory that exudes from Dova’s extraordinary vocals, music and stage presence. Dova also birthed the ‘Songlines and the Planetary Grid Project’ documenting her singing at energy centers on the planetary grid and delivering audio visual presentations at Festivals. Deya Dova sings to the Ancient, the Primal and the Mystic within. Deya Dova will be doing a performance Saturday night and a workshop Friday about the Songlines and Planetary Grid Project.

Sasha Rose - "Way To Find The Way"

Sasha Rose began writing songs at the age of three, and began performing under the name Sasha Butterfly at age 15. She performs acoustic shows on guitar, piano, african djembe, and fuses some simple looping and electronic elements. She has released two solo acoustic albums as Sasha Butterfly, "Grace" in 2001, and "Creation Song" in 2004. Rose now performs electronic and acoustic shows under her given name Sasha Rose and brings aspects of her acoustic roots into all her current projects, and is currently working on her long awaited acoustic follow-up to "Creation Song", as well as combining electronic and acoustic elements with her project Liberation Movement. Sasha will be performing an acoustic set on Friday night, joining Seven7Sisters on Saturday and adding her ecstatic dance electronic music energy too the cosmic mass on Sunday night.

Serena Gabriel - "Diving Deep" album

Serena Gabriel is a multi instrumentalist and sound therapist whose passion for music and love of life inspire her creative expression. Connected with her work in sound and movement therapy, her interactive performances also have a healing intention. Gabriel knows that the arts of music and dance are sacred technologies that connect us to the present moment: a place of deep healing potential. The experience of Gabriels’s music can be described as a heart centered mystical exploration accompanied by the muses of music, dance and poetry. She plays soulful melodies on the lyre, beautiful upbeat kalimba, visionary didgeridoo soundscapes, deep rooty percussion, enchanting Native American flute and more.

Larisa Stow & Shakti Tribe - "Kalikayei"

Larisa Stow & Shakti Tribe are creating a vibration-raising revolution with their edgy blend of mantra-infused rock. Fronted by force of nature Larisa Stow, the Tribe’s music is an East meets West fusion of English and Sanskrit events.

Pleiadian Productions/Seven7Sisters - "Return Of The Star Tribes"

Seven7Sisters is a ceremony brought to a stage, a multidisciplinary sound and visuals interactive audience experience, rooted in the teachings of sacred theater. Seven7Sisters takes you on a incredible archetypal, sound and light healing journey. Tapping into the ancient powers of universal consciousness, an interactive exploration of the power of chant/song. These live performances, and ceremonial transmissions of sound, light, visuals, and dance, ignite an Evolutionary healing Movement, that heightens the senses and brings the audience into higher states of awareness, catalyzing unity and activating deep planetary transformation. Seven7Sisters is truly about the divine feminine principle, uniting woman to come together selflessly to use their creative powers to create massive positive change. Seven7Sisters is produced and directed by Starsinger. This Las Vegas Seven7Sisters ceremony will include Starsinger, Serena Gabriel, Melissa Edwards, Alia, Sasha Rose, Adriana Magana, Adi Shakti, Kimberley Bass, Amber Ortega, with special guest appearances and mother drum support by Windwalker and the MCW.

Visit the "Return of the Star Tribes:  Devotion to the Sky" Sacred Ceremonial Retreat website for up-to-date performers, presenters, and workshops here.