Jamie Duffy was a close personal friend of mine for the last 13 years. I was lucky enough to spend many nights standing next to him watching bands that I worked with or played in perform at Metro, House of Blues, and Cubby Bear.

I also worked alongside him in production at some festival gigs which was where he shined. There is no one on earth that could handle festival logistics like Jamie.

He taught me many things about Chicago music. He always reminded me to keep my head up even when things got shitty. Reminding me that they would turn around and that I would be better for it.

Just 2 weeks ago my band The Top Shelf Lickers played Cubby Bear and he mixed the show. After getting off stage he had some really positive things to say to me about the band and about me as a musician. I am thankful to have been able to have that conversation with him.

There are very few people in this world that had the engineering skills of Jaime Duffy. He could take the localist of local bands and make them sound like seasoned pro's because he gave a shit and put a little extra effort into his craft.

He was also the patron saint of patience when it came to local music and local bands.

I am extremely saddened by these tragic circumstances.
I hope now he can find the peace he has been looking for, for so long.

Chicago, Today we lost another one of our own.
Rest in peace my dear friend.

RIP Jamie Duffy

- Shawn Kellner- Chicago Music Magazine Editor

Remember the good times:

Jamie Duffy has been a staple of Chicago Music for two decades. You might know him from his days heavily involved in the industrial music scene while playing in his band Acumen Nation. You might know him from his days mixing front of house at Metro, House of Blues, or any major street festival.   One thing is for sure when it comes to Jamie Duffy. He was one of the most real people the Chicago music community and industry has ever had.  His loss will be felt far beyond the walls of Cubby Bear where he spent the last decade mixing bands at all levels close to 7 nights a week.  Jamie gave every band that came through Cubby Bear a chance and mixed every band like it was his last.  He will be missed by all.

The following statement has been given by Cubby Bear:

"Today we mourn the loss of Cubby Bear legend Jamie Duffy. Little did you know, Jamie engineered the sounds and sights for Cubby Bear audiences night after night for over a decade. His dedication to the fan experience and band hospitality came first while he moved in the shadows of the club connecting cables and tweaking sound with a warm smirk on his face. His own passion for live music was contagious and it brought thousands of people closer to what we all love - a kick-ass show. You will be missed Jamie, and we're all confident you'll be rocking in the sky for eternity. Rest in peace."