TOKiMONSTA - "Don't Call Me" - (featuring Yuna)

Jennifer Lee, aka TOKiMONSTA (toki meaning rabbit in Korean), has a lot to offer and has seen a lot of success.  She works the beats and the beats work us.  A multi-faceted Producer, DJ, Collaborator, Mixer/Re-mixer, working with greats like Justin Timberlake, Pharrell, MNDR, Mariah Carey, Lupe Fiasco, to name a few, and producing Gavin Turek on her own label Young Art Records.  She’s relentless, releasing 5 albums (with one on the way), 1 production, 5 EPs, 15 singles, and 23 remixes in the last 7 years.  A classically trained pianist, she found interest creating beats while attending UC Irvine for business, representing a solid presence in the male-heavy scene.  Completely undeterred, she created for the fun of it, showcasing her talents at LA establishments eventually becoming the first woman signed to Brainfeeder, Flying Lotus’ progressive record label, and rated #1 Hottest Los Angeles Lady DJ by LA Times after her debut album Midnight MenuThe success seemingly found her, with second album Half Shadows being released on dance music label Ultra Records, host to Calvin Harris and Kaskade.  Her third album Desiderium was released on her own Young Art Records.

To say she is ambitious is a huge understatement.  Her productions speak for themselves.

TOKiMONSTA - "We Love" - (featuring MNDR)

She’s gone through the ringer this past year, rising both feet solid on ground and head-up high with a new album set to be released October 6th.  Lune Rouge, is an album of songs she’d written after being afflicted with a super rare neurovascular disease, Moyamoya, enduring two brain surgeries, re-learning to walk, talk, and interpret music.  She has a new lease on life; her passion for music innate.  She shared Lune Rouge smash singles “We Love” (feat. MNDR) and “Don’t Call Me” (feat. Yuna), piquing much interest into how her death-defying experience further shapes her already interestingly unique style and collaborations.

She is resilient, conquering insurmountable odds without her fans even knowing.

TOKiMONSTA - "No Way" - (featuring Isaiah Rashad, Joey Purp, and Ambré)

Her new album Lune Rouge is set to release October 6th, a day after her Chicago stop at Concord Music Hall on Thursday, October 5th.  I am set to experience TOKiMONSTA at San Francisco’s Mezzanine this coming Wednesday September 20th.  Stay tuned for concert review.

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TOKiMONSTA  Photo Credit John Michael Fulton