Danielle Juhre - "Does She Know?"

Danielle Juhre, an impressive vocal powerhouse from the greater Chicagoland area, is set to release her music video for the single entitled, "Does She Know?" on Friday, September 1st, 2017.  The single "Does She Know?" (released March 28, 2017) was written by Juhre and co-writer friend, Charlie Wallace, while attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, and mastered by Three-time GRAMMY Award-winning Mastering Engineer Bob Katz (Ben Kingsley, Paquito D'Rivera, Olga Tañon).

The music video "Does She Know?", produced by Taiga Kunii, directed by Yu Watanabe, with director of videography Yosuke Sumi, is presented in a manner that portrays an element of mystery, elegance, and romance between actors and co-writers, Danielle Juhre and Emiliano Santoro. The music video takes place at a regal estate where Juhre and Santoro exchange glances and engagements but the viewer is unable to fully understand their relationship.  Juhre plays the role of Santoro’s 'guilty conscience' mysteriously appearing and reappearing with him throughout the video. Whenever Santoro believes that he is capable of 'moving on' he is constantly left thinking about Juhre and is constantly longing for her. The relationship between Juhre and Santoro is a mystery and is up to the viewer to come to their own conclusion of what the relationship between the two really exemplifies.

Juhre explains, “As an artist, I always wanted to give the audience the most genuine and authentic version of myself and my work. Because of this, I thought it was fitting to ask my co-writer, best friend, and guitar player, Emiliano Santoro to play the role of my mysterious love interest.”

Danielle Juhre - "Take It Slow"

A vocal control that rivals many of the top vocalists of the day, Juhre lists Aretha Franklin, The Temptations, Gladys Knight, and The Spinners as musical influences.  Raised in a musical household, Juhre recalls watching her father work alongside GRAMMY Award-winning Charlie Daniels.  Her music incorporates a mix of Motown, Soul, R&B, Pop, and Jazz that is stylish and filled with emotion leaving listeners yearning for more.  She finds it very important to be authentic with her audience, especially performing live.  She has opened for Welshly Arms and JJ Grey & Mofro at Summerfest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Danielle Juhre - "He Knows It"

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