Rock star, filmmaker, and overall mastermind entertainer, Rob Zombie is at it again, bringing chills and thrills to Villa Park, Illinois.  Where is Villa Park, Illinois, you ask?  Who knows…..but put “1033 N Villa Ave” in Google maps and get there to see what Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare is all about.

That’s exactly what I did last Friday, Sept. 26, for the opening night of this 3 part haunted house extravaganza, which ended in a special performance by the Super Beast himself: ROB ZOMBIE!!!

Your evening starts from the moment you leave your car and walk toward building.  Monsters and zombie girls great you, breathing fire and playing drums made from paint buckets and broken car parts.  This helps take your mind off of the fact that you may be waiting in line for some time to come.

After you get inside, pass the merch table, and climb a few stairs, you are moments away from haunted/horror/fun house entertainment that will span approximately 30 minutes.  Let the show begin.

The first house is like a dark maze with haunting music, screams, and an occasional weirdo jumping out at you when you least expect it. This is the kind of prolonged suspense that could pop some hemorrhoids.

The second house is pretty epic for adults, focusing less on fear, and more on “The Haunted World of El Superbeasto”.  With the help of 3D glasses, black light paint, and super hot chicks, this would be a teenage stoner’s dream home.

The third (and final) house is truly a house of horrors.

Imagine walking into the home of John Wayne Gacy,…….then exiting into the home Ed Gein.   As Gein’s dead mother is making out with a zombified Jon Bon Jovi, a house band comprised of dead Muppets, shoots out of a wall made up of marshmallows and plays a scary version of Stairway to Heaven (Stairway to HELL) and starts dismembering the corpse of Jim Henson during the guitar solo.  Pretty freakin’ EPIC, right?

The night ended with Robert Douglas Zombie taking the stage under his stage name “Rob Zombie”. The stage setup wasn’t as big and elaborate as I have seen in the past…….. but you must remember…….. this was Villa Park….. a place on Earth that I am still not sure even exists.

The set list was epic compiled with all of the hits, including a cover of Blitzkreig Bop, dedicated to Joey Ramon’s wife, who was at the show.  Mr. Zombie also wished a big fat American “happy birthday” to his wife Sherry Moon Zombie, whose less than average acting is more that made up for by her looks.

With all nonsense aside, it was a great show and a pretty damn good night of entertainment.