From start to finish the debut record from The New World Ancients titled Temporal Beast is a ton of fun for the ears.  Production-wise, the album is fantastic and the track list flows extremely well.  The singer has a great lyrical delivery layer on a bed of of progressive guitar and that simply captivate and mesmerize you; taking up residence inside your head leaving you on your knees begging for more.  The album as a whole is progressive and dramatic.  There is an oratory content to the lyrics on this record that tell you a story with every single song. The standout song on the album is "Ceaser!."  If Foxy Shazam, Queen, The Beach Boys (Pet Sounds era), and Gogol Bordello all joined forces I strongly believe it would resemble a sound similar to The New World Ancients.  Outside of that combination there is no other band that sounds like The New World Ancients inside or outside of Chicago.  They are by far the most original local band that has come across my desk in 2012 and Temporal Beast is the best local debut album I have come across in  2012.  After listening to this album, I am a hands down a fan and supporter of this band for life.


Check out how amazing the album is here: