American Swag Company Charity Tour
R.O.E, Mark Battles, Chance the Rapper and Rockie Fresh
Bottom Lounge 9pm

When you turn 21, it’s like “Hell yeah! I can drink!” I never thought that when the guy in front of me said “If you’re over the age of 21, you can wait inside,” I would be more excited about getting out of the cold than I was when I first turned 21 and ordered my first cocktail. It had to be no more than thirty degrees outside on February 2, 2013 as people lined up outside eagerly awaiting to see Mr. Rockie Fresh after the release of his Electric Highway mix tape. Appearing with him was local artist R.O.E and Mark Battles.  R.O.E, born and raised on the west side of Chicago, wowed the crowd with his live band as they started the show off. Mark Battles followed dropping off metaphors and one liner’s that drove the crowd crazy getting everyone hyped for Chance the Rapper who, by the way, has an awesome hype man.  Chance graced us with tracks from his mix tape 10 Day. Full of energy and excitement, he had the whole building rocking and a few people foot working to songs like “Juke Juke.”

At the last hour of the evening, Rockie Fresh appeared setting a vibe like his way of rhyming and presence. The ambiance of the room was very chill and mellow and with him being the only one on stage, all eyes couldn’t help but be focused on him as he performed tracks off his MMG-sponsored mix tape Electric Highway. Who would have known the day a kid growing up in the burbs of Chicago’s South Side would be sitting around working next to people like Rick Ross and Nipsey Hussle. The first time I heard Rockie Fresh was way back when he released his second mix tape The Other Side and my friend was like "You have to check this guy out", and so I did. I recall telling somebody “Man, this kid is gonna blow up yo,” and they laughed at me because they couldn’t see the same vision as I could. Some years later and Rockie Fresh is signed with MMG and living out his dreams greater than most of us out here. The consistency of goodness and popular tracks from his tape kept the crowd involved and wanting more. You left the building convinced that you got your money’s worth and ultimately wanting more. The American Swag Company’s Charity Tour put together a good show full of dope artists. To learn more about the American Swag Company and their determination to end Diabetes, you can check them out at