Three sisters Greta, Stella and Sunniva Bondesson, admit they are not our native sons, but inform their last name translates to ‘son of a farmer’; they are neither sons, nor farmers.  Rather, they are ‘three bitches from Sweden’, as they meow in “Catflap”, a doggy door for cats.  They’ve a love for our country, have been to 48 states, and said, "Happy Birthday" to the Golden Gate Bridge turning 80 this day.

These women-sisters work really well together with a super unique harmony, uncommon multi-instrumental talent, and tons of ENERGY.  They’d prepared an all-American soundtrack for this Memorial Day weekend Festival, covering Neil Young (who may or may not live in the area), diplomatically playing “Cheerless Leaders” excusing our political system expressing Sweden is bad too, acknowledging everything is about blood and money, and ending with a ‘Thank You, Muchas Gracias, Love your neighbors.’  They sing about the brother they wish they had to punch people sometimes, in “Oscar Jr.”.

The Big Flo”...ironically about a Boeing 727 crash experiment, is introduced cheekily with a disclosure ‘Don’t fly first class.  It’s not worth it to pay more to die, is it?!’  The kick drum fell over during 'Flo', messing their flow, causing a babble on the ‘old world’, but at least prepared us for the beautiful harmony that ensued, showcasing their versatility and reminding us their roots.  They are more than versatile, dealing with instrument malfunctions like pros.

Before their last number, they play a game of ‘Memory,’ putting things together like hats and surf boards, rockets and banjo punk.  They plan to take us to the moon, one string down; they are making it happen.  While they tune the guitar sans a string, we are formally introduced to the band.  Big sister Greta in the middle on the drums/guitar banjo/harmonica - yeah boys, her corpus callosum is short; she multi-tasks like no other.  Middle sister Stella on the double bass. Baby sister Sunniva on the untuned guitar.  Ironically, they closeout with “One Horse Down”, a banjo-drum/harmonica/cello/guitar jam, and an outer space banjo.  Giddy-up!!  To the moon…

Baskery Setlist:
"Here To Pay My Dues
Shut The Catflap
Old Man”  (Neil Young cover)
Cactus Baby
Cheerless Leaders
Oscar Jr. Restaurant Bar
Cruel Companion
The Big Flo
- Old world harmony sans instrumental -
Throw A Bone
One Horse Down

Baskery Concert Review by Elizabeth Lauer - Santa Cruz American Music Festival 2017 at Aptos Village Park in Aptos, California
Baskery photo credit Elizabeth Lauer