This past New Years Eve, Chicago was in for a treat with Big Gigantic performing for the second year in a row, this time at the Aragon Ballroom. They teamed up with DJ’s Manic Focus and GRiZ to help ring in the new year.  Manic Focus was up first, hitting the stage at 9pm to get the crowd going, playing things like a remix of the song “Mad World” by Tears for Fears. He brought good energy to the room and paved the way for the making of a good night. GRiZ was up next, and he really turned up the crowd with his set, showing off his own skills with the saxophone.

Big Gigantic took the stage around 11:30pm that night, and rocked it out all the way until 1:45am. They never let the energy die down once through out the night and you could tell the crowd kept wanting more. They started off the night in full swing, with so much energy and passion. Building up everyone in the room for the first half hour until midnight. The anticipation for the countdown grew more and more until you heard Dominic yell out “10” and the whole crowd joined in all way down to zero. The amazing vibes that filled the room were unmatched when the confetti and balloons dropped from the ceiling, the lights on stage going wild, and blow horns sounding from all over. Everyone was cheering around me and exchanging that new years kiss with someone special. As the balloons continued to drop, Big Gigantic broke out into "Rise And Shine" for the first song of 2013, with Dominic yelling out, “Chi-town it’s time to rise and shine y’all! Its a brand new fucking year. Let's do it... let's do it big y’all!”

From that moment on, it was a non-stop party. Everyone around me dancing and seeming to have the best time of their lives. Big Gigantic went on to play some of their classic remixes of songs like “Dirt Off Your Shoulder “ by Jay-Z, “I Need A dollar” by Aloe Blacc, and “Hard In Da Paint” by Waka Flocka which got the crowd going even more than they already were. For all the times I’ve heard these songs live, I am always impressed by the way Big Gigantic is able to rework them into a way that fits their own style and make them work so well, being played on the saxophone and drums. They also threw in a remix of Knife Party’s “Bonfire,” which personally blew me away. The sound that echoed through the ballroom was phenomenal. I have to hand it to them on bringing their very own PA system. In a past interview with Jeremy, he mentioned that they’d be bringing their own system so they could sound exactly like they wanted to sound, and oh boy, they made the right choice because it was perfect. On top of that, they debuted their brand new stage set up for this next year too. The stage has Dominic and Jeremy side by side on a risen platform, with LED panels on the front of that. As well as a whole wall of LED’s behind them too.

I was impressed with their last stage setup, but this one was even better. You can tell this group puts a lot of thought into what they do, which makes their shows that much better. Jeremy also mentioned in the interview that it was their choice to come back to Chicago for another New Years Eve because last year's went so well. He said, “Doing the repeat Chicago thing was our idea. The Riv was great, and we had so much fun we said we gotta do that again.  We’re really pumped to be at the Aragon.” I’m sure everyone in that crowd appreciated them coming back after the show they put on that night. Big Gigantic kept it going strong all the way until the end of the night, but I could tell no one was ready to leave yet, including me. It was perfect way to ring in the New Year with amazing music and great vibes all around.