Where do I begin? I’ve spent a lot of my summer at Northerly Island for Charter One Pavilion shows and this show started off as just one of those shows. Knowing the age of the two bands and them being some of my dad’s favorite bands, I was a little worried that their performances were going to be… a little off. To be honest, my first time behind the wheel was a trip up to Kenosha with the windows down listening to The Doobie Brothers Self Titled album with my father… I was aware of the talent but 40 something years later could they meet up with their prime?
Let’s start at the beginning, Doobie Brothers started off the night with a very great classic “Jesus is alright with me” They went into a few other classics. The band’s energy was through the roof, rocking it and just having a good ole time. The crowd being just about the age of the performers didn’t get into it at first. It wasn’t until the Doobie Brothers started playing some of their big radio hits like “Long Train Runnin’” and “Take Me In Your Arms” that everyone got on their feet. The set was full of energy with a saxophone solo and a few guitar solos. By the end of The Doobie Brothers the crowd including some grandpas and grandmas were getting down with the music doing the boogie at their seats!
Chicago being in Chicago, I knew they weren’t going to disappoint. The night was still young and when they got out on stage, they were ready to rock the audience! Chicago opened with “Ballet for a Girl in Buchannon” a very smooth classic, such a great way to start the show full of air with a trumpet, trombone and saxophone. The fourth song “Colour My World” had a wonderful sound adding in a flute for a good portion of the song. They did a Spencer Davis cover of “I’m a Man” following an insane duel between the drummer and the percussionist that went on for a good 5 minutes! When “Saturday in the Park” went on I looked around at all the couples cozying up on one another and wished I had brought a girl to enjoy this wonderful music with.
Both bands played about 70 minute sets. They also shared the encore with about a 20-25 minute set playing a mix of Doobie Brothers and Chicago songs. What an insane encore that was. My favorite song from the encore was “Rockin’ Down The Highway” bringing back memories of my father and I Rockin’ down the highway.

Photos and Review: Brian Morgan