For more than 2 decades, Chris Cornell has captivated audiences around the world, which in many cases included sold out crowds like tonight’s show at the Cadillac Palace Theater. Earlier this year, Cornell also played to sold out crowds at Lollapalooza and The Vic Theater.  Tonight’s show, however, was different than the many previous shows he’s played here in Chicago. Several things about the show tonight were different than the previous times he has played Chicago. First of all, Cornell gave 100% while playing with a sense of one on one intimacy with the acoustic versions of his songs. Instead of playing as if the venue was sold out, Cornell created a sense of intimacy and made each audience member feel as though they were the only person in the room. Also,  The Cadillac Palace theater a far different venue than any other at its 2344 capacity, where Broadway in Chicago hosts the top theater shows in the world that pass trough Chicago.  Finally, Cornell’s set list was much different from shows past.  It goes without saying that those in attendance arrived with the expectations of hearing songs from Soundgarden, Audioslave, and Temple of the Dog.  Cornell delivered upon those expectations with well known hits as well as deep cuts from each respective group.  His voice was polished and even orchestral at times.  He took time in between songs telling stories about writing the songs and what they meant to him.  It was truly a “Behind The Music Storytellers” type experience that fulfilled the nostalgic need for old fans and the curiosity of those in attendance seeing him for the first time.



  1. (Audioslave song)
  2. (Audioslave song)
  3. (Audioslave song)
  4. (Soundgarden song)
  5. (Audioslave song)
  6. (Soundgarden song)
  7. (Soundgarden song)
  8. (Soundgarden song)
  9. (Soundgarden song)
  10. (Mother Love Bone cover) (with Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd snippet)
  11. (Audioslave song)
  12. (U2 cover) (Melody of U2's One, Lyrics of Metallica's One)
  13. (Audioslave song)
  14. (Led Zeppelin cover)
  15. (Audioslave song)
  16. Encore: