In 1997 I was listening to Metallica constantly and just learning how to play guitar. My good friend and fellow guitarist kept yapping about this band that just came out. Telling me that he loves it and it's going to be huge. I just wasn't having it. "It's not even metal!", I would say. Now, fifteen years later, I saw Creed for the first time perform their first record in it's entirety at the Chicago Theatre. I must say, there is a definitely reason that these grammy award winning Florida fellows have sold more than 40 million records worldwide.

Scott Stapp is extremely open about his personal feelings on stage with his fans, which I think helps lend a listening ear from the onlooking devoted Creed lovers which he then uses to command the crowd with his unique voice. The people were connected and energized the whole time and the songs resonate very emotionally and have driving backbeats. Everyone in the band was moving a lot on the stage, running from side to side, headbanging, buddying up side-by-side, you name it. You can tell that these dudes have been touring for so long that it's second nature at this point. The gear setup alone just on Tremonti's side of the stage was incredible. He is touring with a flight case of rack units and tube heads bigger than two or maybe three refrigerators, a couple Twin Reverbs and Mesa cabs!

All and all, it was a rocking show. "What's this life for" was executed perfectly and the crowd ate it up. After the song "One" off the debut, they started playing some of the radio hits off of other records and every person in the crowd was singing every single word. The songs that have been on the radio for years now, "Higher", "My Sacrifice", and "With arms wide open" are obviously people pleasers and they span the test of time. It was great to see a band that has seen the world and did everything you can as a band, including break up, back on the stage killing it. Tonight they are back in the Chicago Theatre one more time performing their sophomore effort in it's entirety on the tour that started this month. Catch them playing back-to-back nights and the tour schedule is on their website.

Creed have said that they are working on a new record, Stapp is releasing a memoirs book and Tremonti & Scott Philips' band Alter Bridge is talking about making a fourth record as well. These guys aren't going anywhere soon that's for sure!

For more information about Creed, visit their website

My Own Prison
Pity for a Dime
In America
What's This Life For?
Say I
A Thousand Faces
With Arms Wide Open

One Last Breath
My Sacrifice


Review by: Todd Anthony Smith