So much fun!  Yes, fun it indeed was as Chicago-based DJs Matt Wells and Mark Gertz, new 'dynamic duo' and champions of that 'get your butt movin' on the dance floor' music, turned the Cerise Rooftop at The Virgin Hotel Chicago on Saturday, October 1st, into their very own adult bounce house.  As our resident wordsmith here at Chicago Music Magazine, Elizabeth Lauer, would say, simply..."FUNomenal!"  And, I agree..."FUNomenal"!  DJs Wells and Gertz took turns tag-teaming the turntables while astutely spinnin' tracks that kept feet moving and bodies grooving, ultimately leading to a highly engaging and thoroughly enjoyable evening.

DJ Matt Wells (of Jaded Lover) and DJ Mark Gertz (of Dark Wave Disco) seemingly have a true understanding of the history of DJs and the art of DJing.  They have a sincere love of their profession and a complete dedication to and passion for their craft...and it shows!  Having the ability to effectively gauge the musical sensibilities in the venue and turn it into sort of a musical aroma wafting throughout, while capturing all your senses eliciting a positive motor response is no small feat.  Even the best DJs in progressive house like to lift a crowd with prolific runs up and then include massive drops that are not necessary when the correct song segues into the next, seamlessly carrying the correct power and emotion intended by the DJ making the transition...such is the creative talent of Wells and Gertz.  "We try to expand what people think they might like," explains Wells.  "They don't realize it and then all of a sudden they're into it...yeah, this is really awesome.  One of the best compliments I have ever received was, "I don't know what you are playing but I can't sit down, I just got to get up and dance!""

Gertz adds, "I've been DJing for almost twenty years now.  I started with vinyl and turntables.  I use CDs and I don't do the computer thing.  I mean it's practical, but there isn't as much interaction.  Playing actual turntables, and the CD players that we are using, which are exactly like turntables, is almost like being in a band.  You are actually interacting with the music and not just pressing buttons."  Interacting with the music gives Gertz and Wells the opportunity to pass along that stimulating interaction with their fans during their live set.

Experiencing Wells and Gertz live in person is definitely highly recommended.  Their next gig is a record release party at evilOlive, 1551 West Division Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622, on Monday, October 17th, with Jaded Lover, Dark Wave Disco, and Porn and Chicken.  True Mother Records will be celebrating the Tuesday, October 11th, release of the new single by Jaded Lover entitled, "Time Enough".  "Time Enough" takes the best of all the 80s 'New Wave' music from Great Britain and breathes an up-to-date sound into the track.  Definitely reminiscent of OMD - Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Erasure, Pet Shop Boys, and Depeche Mode.  Listen to a preview of "Time Enough" by Jaded Lover on SoundCloud here.  Watch the "Time Enough" music video by Jaded Lover on YouTube here.

Don't miss an interview by Elizabeth Lauer with DJ Mark Gertz and an interview by Kelly Milionis with DJ Matt Wells to be posted soon.

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