It is always a good time when local music invades the House of Blues in Chicago.  Tonight was a keen example of that.  Starting off the night was The Scissors. They started off the night with a huge amount of energy warming up the crowd who flooded into HOB when doors opened to get a good spot in front of the stage.  The Scissors left all their energy on stage giving their crowd of several hundred people a solid 30 minutes of punk rock/power pop.  A highlight of their set was their new single "Skeletons" which really showcases singers Yvonne Szumski and Darren Vorels vocal abilities.  I also enjoyed "Answers", "Lets Go", and "Rehabilitated".  On a personal note it is also good to see former (and original) Plain White T's members Ken Fletcher and Steve Mast playing in a band together again.  The Scissors definitely put on a solid set of music and warmed up the crowd who grew in size and energy with each song.  Following The Scissors was State and Madison.  It had been a while since I saw S&M live so it felt good to reconnect with the band and to hear some new music from them.  Singer Nickolas Blazina definitely has one of the best voices in Chicago music.  The crowd had grown to at least 700 people by the time S&M hit the stage and they wasted no time raising the energy level getting the crowd clapping with their new single "Dearest Restless" and other favorites like "If This Was The Moon" and "Come Home".  State and Madison has put on an amazing show every single time I have seen them no matter if it was at their sold out fall formal shows or on stage at The House of Blues.  I noticed the crowd singing along to almost every song they played and could tell that the band has become a staple of local Chicago music over the years. The crowd definitely got excited when Kyle Dee of The Frantic came out on stage to sing a song with the band.    Next came AM Taxi.  If you have not seen AM Taxi live before, you truly have been missing out on seeing your favorite live band and you don't even realize it. Tonight AM Taxi played a 50 min set that seemed like it lasted for 2 hours.  It is amazing how much the dynamic of a music hall changes the moment they get on stage.  During the set tonight they played fan favorites such as "Dead Street", "The Mistake", and "Charissa".  A special highlight was when local legend Ike Reilly came out on stage and joined the band for a song.  Marc Walloch from Company of Thieves filled in on guitar in AM Taxi for the night.  Genevieve Schatz from Company of Thieves also joined the band on stage for an emotional breathtaking version of their song "Maydays and Rosaries".    The crowd at this point had grown to well over 1000 and it was obvious that people were in the room to see AM Taxi and Dot Dot Dot.  Following AM Taxi's set Dot Dot Dot came out to boisterous cheers from their grassroots hometown fan base and spent more than 75 min giving them the songs they love to sing along too.  Tonight Dot Dot Dot was celebrating their 5th anniversary of being a band.   Their set of all original Dot Dot Dot music included songs such as their new single "Party Go On" and older favorites such as "Stay",  "Another Stupid Love Song" and "Gravity".  All in all it was a fantastic night of Local Music at one of Chicago's best sounding venues.  Check out all the bands that played tonight on Facebook and their respective websites.  Most importantly: Support Chicago Music