Every Time I Die is currently on tour all over the US with The Acadia Strain, Vanna Hundredth and No Bragging Rights. Last night was the first date of the tour at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago. Just before the show, the band mentioned that they would be going on at 8:10pm due to a DJ performing at the venue later in the night.  Within minutes of Every Time I Die performing their set, Keith Buckley stage dived into the crowd to get the show going. The crowd mainly filled with brutal bearded, angry, flannel-wearing hipsters tore apart the Bottom Lounge leaving what I would call a tornado affect in the pit.  Keith mentioned “Andy had drove from Boston to Buffalo then out to Chicago overnight; a total of about 20 hours straight.” Shortly after mentioning this the crowd chanted “Andy, Andy, Andy…” off the top of their lungs for a good 30-40 seconds before Keith continued to the set. Throughout their set, the crowd was constantly stage diving at times bumping into the band while they were playing. The band seemed pretty energized and happy to be playing in front of a full crowd for their first show back on the road. Towards the end of the set, the crowd filled the stage giving the band some company while they played the rest of their set. Be sure to catch them on tour!

Set List:
1. ?
2. "Wanderlust"
3. "Partying Is Such Sweet Sorrow"
4. "Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space"
5. "Holy Book of Dilemma"
6. "Kill the Music"
7. "Bored Stiff"
8. "I Suck (Blood)"
9. "Apocalypse Now and Then"
10. "No Son of Mine"
11. ?
12. "The Marvelous Slut"
13. "The New Black"
14. "The Logic of Crocodiles"
15. "Typical Miracle"
16. "Ebolorama"
17. "We’rewolf"
18. "Indian Giver"

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