For the first time in three years; Pete, Patrick, Andy & Joe took the stage as the band Fall Out Boy in their hometown of Chicago.

Fall Out Boy was very intimate with their fans last night as sweat, blood and tears were all throughout the SubT. Being a 17+ show, the audience was a mature crowd full of stage diving, consistent crowd surfing, mosh pits and tunes.

Regardless of being a photographer and a writer, I was in the crowd being the loyal fan that I have been for years. I may have had a camera, but that didn't stop me from stage diving and moshing with the crowd. I watched this band over the past decade turn into something incredible. They went from playing in front of 15 people to crowds of 50,000 in just a matter of a few years. They are still staying true to their roots and continuing to play intimate "secret" shows in front of just a few fans, friends and family.

This wasn't a Take This To Your Grave Reunion show but it wasn't what Fall Out Boy left us with three years ago either. The band performed a lot of familiar songs and showed the world that they're back.

Hopefully they have plans to do a Take This To Your Grave show in May... But, beggars can't be choosers.

Christopher Gutierrez, also known as "Hey Chris" from the Fall Out Boy song "Grenade Jumper" wrote in his blog a very nice piece after attending the SubT show.

"I was lucky enough to have been there since the beginning. I was lucky enough to sing backing vocals on Take This To Your Grave. I was lucky enough to have a song written about me. And I was lucky enough to have been able to call each one of them my friend. And last night couldn’t have made me more proud of my investment.

I’m glad it ended where it began.

Goodbye, my old friends."

I wasn't at the show as press, I was there as a loyal fan. Consider this "Review" more on the terms of a blog post.

Last night "is all about we miss you(FOB)."

Needless to say, Fall Out Boy is back and ready to make the world a better place.