First EVER Return of the Star Tribes:  Devotion to the Sky
A production by the Seven7Sisters:  Messages from the future

It's evident.  People are looking for the meaning of life.
Yet resistance holds us in a state of bewilderment, wonder and FEAR.

I found the rabbit hole Saturday August  5th during the Seven7Sisters Ceremonial Stage Performance Featuring:  Starsinger, Serena Gabriel, Melissa Edwards, Sasha Rose, Adriana Magana, Adi Shakti, Kimberly Bass, Amber Ortega, with special guest appearances and mother drum support by Windwalker and the MCW at the Center For Spiritual Living Greater Las Vegas, 1420 East Harmon Avene, Las Vegas, NV.

When I mentioned I was coming to this "Return of the Star Tribes: Devotion to the Sky" sacred ceremonial retreat event, I received many different reactions.  The people I least expected were curious, others would clench up or shutdown, not wanting to know more.  I knew the connotations of being associated with what is perceived by attending an event like this one.

I love the topic.  Enjoy the controversy.  Realize the juxtapose.  Welcome all reactions and appreciate all viewpoints.  I make sense of it in a way that makes sense to me.  Others do the same for themselves.  When it comes to believing in something, I approach it with a ‘why not’ sort of attitude.  People tell stories, have beliefs.  Who am I to tell them what they feel is not real - that what they believe (or don’t believe) is not true.  I am in no position to do such a thing.

For myself I want love and happiness and choose to live success as it is defined for and by me.  I realize I have control through choice; to make decisions aligned with my values and beliefs providing myself opportunity to continually grow.

There is no reason to chastise other people for how they choose to practice life.  What solid service does judgment do for people?

There are many different thoughts as to what fills the space around us and how.  Music always seems the likeliest of choice, for good reason.  In a time with access to a seemingly endless variety of cultures, sounds and creations, the music catalogue grows around us on a daily basis at an astonishing rate.  Curating one’s own soundtrack has come pre-sorted, through algorithms assessing your likes and tossing similar artists your way.  It's easy to see how people can find a track, stick to it - only to one day wonder where it has taken them.

The Return of the Star Tribes:  Devotion to the Sky was a derailment...more like a giant explosion of a supernova.  The past, present, and future position us in a weird space time predicament.  Here we learned intergalactic tribes of the future and ancient tribes of past are encouraging us to live a curated soundtrack, a completely fluid album making great strides with time, encouraging us to celebrate life and secrets of the unknown.

Unbelievable artists who play festivals for many thousands of people came together under one united roof in the most intimate of settings, to just BE and take in what the universe was providing.  “It felt like a spiritual gathering.  I loved how you could just watch someone do a killer performance one second and then meet and dance with them in the next performance.” explained Tami Yaron, photographer and event participant from Las Vegas.

Performances by artists were followed by workshops sharing tidbits of the most important information they have learned thus far on their journey.  Enlightenment through education, the overarching theme of this beautiful festival.  Yet the vast unknown.  No one knows the final truth, but we as human beings damn well try to figure it out, those with high IQ trying to explain it all with science.  There has to be something, something that explains the universe, the coming into being...the world in which we are in.  Why do we want these answers so badly?  What happens when we find these answers?  We may feel we are closer to knowing and understanding that truth, but the mystery remains and in that there is beauty.  There is curiosity.  There is seeking.  And, there is war and pain as well.

When it comes down to it, people just want to feel good.  And the feeling of good is interpreted a thousand different ways for each individual.  The Star Tribe Festival and Seven7Sisters Productions want to transcend the feeling of good as you know it.

A shift of energy occurred...
Now THIS is something I can get into -  Grace was present.
Hear me out.  Vibrations create frequencies.  Crystals change shape due to an applied force to emit waves of energy.  Cells absorb energy and transmit an energy wave.  That energy bounces back to the emitter and all sorts of other receptors in the vicinity.  Now this is physical science I do understand.

Taking it UP one theoretical level...
How is one seen in today’s society?  They emit sound: Energy.
We receive messages to always be in the present.
Our blood lines connect us from the past.
Future I am still learning...but I do believe this is an element of believing.

I believe it all comes down to people.  It is how I view and treat myself and how that translates to people I surround myself with; those I come in contact with, am genetically linked to, the eyes I connect with on the street, the people I see living on sides of highways.  People fascinate me.  I am intrigued by what people do with their lives.  I am mesmerized by nature.

Artists, musicians, business owners, those who create and have a common goal: provide for this world, make their stamp...change someone’s thinking pattern - shock them, shaking a core belief, testing the truth as they know it...asking questions, proving with science.

Is there too much knowledge and information out there that hinders us all to just believe?  Believe in oneself...believe that a person knows how to make the best decisions for themselves.  Believe that people know what is good for them...and being accepting of others and what they seek to be their own truth in their life.

So what was this festival of the Star Tribes?  At times I felt silly, sprawled on knees and hands sinking into the floor of the Spiritual Center, imagining myself connected to the core of the earth.  I smiled at myself when I heard my chanting voice say the wrong verse in an off-tone at the group wrong time.  I felt the stigmatic “should be an SNL skit.”  Yet, other times I felt moved, whether it be from the poetic words of Tree Hill or the sounds emitted by Starsinger and the Seven7Sisters harmonizing with the tone of their vibrant crystal bowls.  I found myself enamored by the music of Deya Dova, Youssoupha Sidibe, Sasha Rose, and Larisa Stow.  I was moved by the ancient sounds of Native American drumming by Windwalker and the MCWs.  I was amused by the spontaneous bone dancing erupting with the give of a command.

It was a weekend of creative energy.  Opportunity to take it in and express it.  It was creative in a larger sense of the word; we were creating a space for ourselves - our beliefs, among other people doing the same.  In order for me to give and receive the transfer of energy that was occurring in that space, I knew I needed to trust to be open and free in the safety of others who are free.  We were tuned into the way we treat ourselves and the people around us, conscious of the food we put into our bodies, and explored what energizes us.

I had zero expectations going into the weekend of the Star Tribes Festival.  I just made sure I was completely open to the experience.  The world is at a juxtapose when it comes to ‘what to believe.’  I feel if one is open to the experience and takes in what they will, there is no loss.  People of this world are looking for hope - perhaps finding it in the least expected ways.  I did not come looking for answers - I think those who are looking for answers will be waiting for a very long time.  I am already quite content with myself, but in NO WAY do I claim to have it all figured out.  The world is constantly shifting and changing so fast.  There is so much to consume, learn, knowledge to gain, experiences to be had, interesting people to meet and learn from, a great vast land to explore with animals who make sound and share their world with us…..But it is more than just the world we are on, there is the sky above and beyond that goes into this great vastness….a vastness that one’s mind couldn’t possibly completely understand, but strikes curiosity.  Why else do we have NASA?

I look at the world space I am in - It’s a constant learning experience.  And trust me, I learn lessons all the time.  I am grateful for the opportunities of growth in my life...These opportunities are always there...seemingly limitless opportunities to learn and grow, but still there are times I find myself paralyzed or stuck, perhaps bored.  It is after a weekend like this I ask on earth is it possible to be bored.  There is so much to explore and it could be done through the worldwide web we’ve created for ourselves.

Upon arrival, I was instructed how to make a Native American prayer tie.  We used 2 pieces of brightly colored cloth, wrote our set-intention for the weekend on a piece of paper, piled it with tobacco and tied it proper (with the help of a fabulous 11 year old).  We were to then set it underneath the Mother drum so as to penetrate the intention with beats of life and at the end of the festival we would burn it and send it to the sky.

Daytime hours offered plenty of workshops to keep our attention span.  We witnessed healings of the waters by Windwalker and craftily made turtle rattles with her, satisfied curiosity of psychic powers with Samantha Fe, learned about Hindu deities with Dr. Manoj Chalam, linked science and spirituality with Amber Ortega, Sufi chanted with Youssoupha Sidibe, and explored the crystalline Planetary Grid and indigenous songlines across the globe with Deya Dova.

It was a body-opening experience.  I was energized to explore the world in a way I hadn’t before; I’m more open to experiences in general.  Weirdness doesn’t shock me as much anymore; I embrace it!  I hear what people are saying when they speak about their beliefs.  I have a greater appreciation for the space we hold on this earth and how we dis-respect her.

So in the end, I realize that people just want to connect.  Whether it is realized or not, people want to feel connected to themselves.  To have a meaningful connection with someone else, one first must be connected to oneself.  And there are different ways a person can achieve this.  Connecting in nature, ideology, ritual, community, volunteering, reading, researching, studying the stars.  There are abundant opportunities to connect with others - so many different means of doing so.  To open up is the only way one can invite in the connection.  If one is closed off to an idea or person because it is strange or not what one is used to, a LOT can be missed and misconstrued.  Not fully connecting leads to misconceptions - mal-perceptions.  It is driven by fear.  Fear of the unknown.  Unwilling to experience out of fear can lead one to miss out on human connection - why?  Obviously it is essential to always be aware.  To love one another and be in the presence of compassion is what we seek.  To share energy and provide empathy.

We all have power in choice.  We all have the freedom to choose what we want to believe.  I for one am one who needs to check it all out.  I believe.  I believe that people are weird and fascinating and on their own individual journeys.  I believe people have the right to express who they are freely.  I believe every being is deserving of love.  I believe happiness allows the soul to sing.  I also believe that there are people out there who want to take advantage and have ill-will.  It is everybody’s duty to be alert and aware of the world we live in.  This juxtapose requires a shift in consciousness, and I do believe that shift is happening.  Knowledge is coming at a fast pace.  We are able to learn so much more, as much as our brains allow us to process, hold, analyze.  There are many religions out there.  Religion is a source of so much pain and suffering the world over.

It is all about connection, being a conduit, talking with others and finding commonality.  Whatever you are drawn to, there are likely others who share a general interest.  I look at it all as a learning experience and of course a chance to connect with others who’ve had different experiences.  The contact somehow influences one another, hopefully always in the positive sense but it is up to the receiving person to take whatever information is transferred and ensure it has a positive affluence, if that is the desired effect.

I struggle to come to terms with the idea of not believing.  Believe is a big word; "to accept (something) as true"; feel sure of the truth of.  Or to “hold (something) as an opinion”.  I have a friend who lives to this day strictly on belief.  Belief in others.  He believes that when someone believes in their-self, amazing things can come to fruition and he can prove the truth of this - he is a witness to the transformation, several times over.  When one being can provide this belief in another and persuade that person to see what he sees in his eyes, amazing things can happen...for both of them!  The human connection.  I wonder if there is a person who grew out of sheer belief in their-self...I can’t help but think of the person who says ‘why yes, this is me’.

I felt the vibrations - I felt the energy - Happiness comes from within.  Positivity, all starts somewhere.  Why not start with you?