Article by: Erin O'Connell

Photography by: Ellie Pritts

Picture yourself in a twisted, electronic version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. That's exactly the vibe I got upon arriving at The Metro. The stage was garnished with cobweb-like fabric and bouquets of faux flowers. Even before the opener went on, there was a feeling of mysticism in the air. The sold-out show began with Myths.

Both members of Myths are also backup musicians for Grimes. The pace of their set started out a little slow; the last few songs, however, were filled with energy. Both Quinne Rodgers and Lief Hall had a crazy level of passion throughout the entire show. This group is something to watch for in the electronic scene.

The second opener was a solo act called Elite Gymnastics. He started his set with a creative version of a popular Spice Girls hit.  It took the audience a minute to catch on, but once they did, the crowd became increasingly more energetic and involved. He also took a second to marvel at the ability to be playing on such a big stage. He mentioned The Smashing Pumpkins’ farewell concert, and was truly grateful to be performing on the same stage they once had. James Brooks’ combination of humility and addictive beats came together for a great set.

Finally, the crew began setting up for Grimes. The stage setup remained the same, except for some additions of weird stuffed animals and another synth setup. The stage setup was very minimalist and symmetrical, which centered the focus on Claire Boucher (Grimes). Before Grimes took the stage they began pumping fog into the air. At first this seemed a bit unnecessary but once the lights sparked it all made sense. Grimes’ backup musicians came onto the stage followed by Grimes herself, and everyone went nuts. The laser show began with the lasers coming from below and directly behind Grimes’s setup. This further emphasized a level of symmetry that helped add focus to the chaos that was about to ensue on stage.

After the first song or two, two girls creeped onto the stage. They were both dressed in brightly colored wigs and long frumpy t-shirts. They set up a blanket behind the musicians and began brushing their hair. It dawned on me that this was meant to look like the weirdest sleepover you’ve ever attended.  Grimes focused most of her set on her biggest hits. She played “Oblivion” during the middle of her set and the energy in the crowd skyrocketed. It was also during this song that the two girls creeped through the synth setups to get to the front of the stage. Once they got to the front of the stage they began dancing with the stuffed animals. They were doing some pretty suggestive moves both with a giant Pikachu and some Teletubbie dolls. These dancers were both confusing and entertaining all at the same time. I did feel at times they took away from her performance a bit, but not enough to deter the flow of the set.

Grimes built her energy throughout the show very well transitioning from song to song with ease. Once she reached the end of her set she spoke to the crowd for a minute. She said she thinks that encores are silly and she would rather just play all her songs at the same time. So instead of going off stage and coming back on she played her encore straight away. Overall this was an entertaining, minimalistic show. This electronic dream pop artist never ceases to enthrall an audience.