She gets a five simply because she is Halsey...and has a super cool name anagram.

Obviously she is so much more than that.

Outside of her one-of-a-kind songs, she keeps stage-talk to a minimum, revealing little more than her chest, strutting her stuff in a festive black and red striped leisure suit, sexy black leather bralette flashing.  She eventually sheds the jacket, giving us our revelation.

The crowd starts out louder than her, drowning out her beat about jerk boys and girls in her life.

She quickly realized she had to belt it.  She growlzz it.  “I’m BAD at LOVE! ooo ooo.”

She was there doing what she needed to do.  Singing the songs she’s written.  What else did we need, really?!  I am left DYING to know more about her.

I’d read different interviews, Elle, Rolling Stones, Billboard, Entertainment Weekly...and saw a couple video interviews on YouTube.

She’s an open book.  She turns it all loose, seemingly no secrets, completely unafraid to show the world who she...yet I find myself needing to know more about her!

She’s a professional novice...I mean this whole sold-out arena scene is relatively new to her, coming from a basement...she is the quintessential artist who continues to overcome adversity and makes it - bigger and greater.

Perhaps a bit Ball produced and on-time, short insentient breaks between her Billboard hits, she cruised through her set.  She’s been on tour for awhile & checking the boxes at this point, although it was her voice, breaking far away from any possible track.  She didn’t patronize us...she didn’t have to. We were mesmerized by her.

Halsey is where she is now, for all the right reasons.  Written poems of Brooklyn milieu, her music is as bipolar as she associates.  Tone and timber, noise and gait...Gets us high, while underlying stories of pain-staking relationships lacking communication and substance take us down, down, down, down, down.  The basis of her songs tears the listener apart.  Wanting to feel happy, like finding the solution to the shitty relationship that is clearly going nowhere.

Perhaps bad at love, she knows how to mix primary Colors.  Hopelessly cute singing about red touching her blue turning her into a lilac sky, but alas red doesn’t like purple...and everything is blue.  Again.  Happy.  Sad.

Her Hopeless Fountain Kingdom World Tour had taken her through Chicago just a month earlier.  It was sold out.  She cocked her ‘damn right attitude’...yeah it’s like that.  She just added show dates for her second installment in New Zealand and Australia, April 2018.

Upswing or down, her music allows space for that...and we all understand it.  This show may have been boxed for her, but Halsey’s songs are sitting outside it.

Halsey Setlist:
"Bad At Love"
"Now Or Never"

GRAMMY Award-Nominated Halsey at 103.5 KISS FM’s Jingle Ball 2017 Presented by Capital One at Allstate Arena  on Wednesday, December 13, 2017
All Halsey photos are photo credit Elizabeth Lauer