The Hatebreed “10 years of Perseverance Tour” is a celebration of the tenth anniversary of the band’s second album “Perseverance.” The tour consists of Hatebreed, heavy hitting Deathcore acts All Shall Perish, White Chapel, and Australian Hardcore band Deez Nuts.

I arrived at House of Blues during the start of White Chapel’s set, and had to struggle through a significant amount of people to make it to the photo pit. Meanwhile with guttural vocals and demands for “fucking fists in the air,” Phil Bozman engaged the crowd with the intensity of a front man from a band headlining its own tour. Without the back-line of instruments no one would have known otherwise. White Chapel blasted through a set consisting of a single from almost every entry in their discography including: “This Exile,” “The Darkest Day of Man,” “Hate Creation,”Section 8″ and “Possession.” White Chapel closed their impressive performance with “Possibilities of an Impossible Existence.”

A not so Hateful Main Course.

Hatebreed took the stage and with each successive song amplifying the crowd into a frenzy of crowd surfing. The crowd kept security entertained, and I even saw one girl get out of the photo pit from crowd surfing, only to see her leave the same area at least two more times. The pit reached sizable portions each with a mix of circle action, some hardcore moves, and general moshing. Towards the last third of their performance of the entire sixteen track “Perseverance” album, the band’s lead singer Jamey Jasta requested of the crowd to recognize discrimination in the world. Following a few thank yous to the crowd for coming out and celebrating the ten years since the release of “Perseverance,” the band finished up with some of their other popular singles. Unfortunately I couldn’t grab a setlist to confirm the last couple songs and the bands set was cut short from an early curfew.

For my first Hatebreed show I was impressed by the bands ability to drive the crowd and the quality of their performance both musically and in terms of presence. Hatebreed is a band that unites fans of a variety of metal genres as well as Hardcore fans and the impressive line-up of bands showcased this idea perfectly.

Although Hatebreed will not break into my list of favorite metal bands they are certainly worth a night at the House of Blues.