So damn cute.

She’s a doll.  My new all-American favorite.

You never would have known it, but this woman not only ran the 2017 charts, she OWNED them charts.  All the big hits you absolutely loved?!  Julia Michaels wrote or co-wrote them.

She shouts out “Hello Chicago” in her ‘so damn cute’ voice.
She is officially America’s newest sweetie pie.

A creative, claiming she’s just a girl from Iowa who was given a pen and out came the lyrics.

Don’t let her humility fool you...she grew up in California, writing lyrics with some greats at an early age.  Let's call her fortunate...or better yet call ourselves that.  Her music holds stake to some of the best highlights of 2017.

Her lyrics are real; she sits with you in your pain - your best friend giving you an embracing hug through the speakers.  Each of her songs a bit different, incorporating a super interesting chorus that doesn’t beat or bore you but rather intrigues and empowers you to feel the pain-really feel it and sit with it, and she will sit right there with you.

This feel is felt in an arena too, the only difference is the wizard behind the curtain reveals herself and she’s just so damn CUTE!

There is a soft coercing in her vocals that keep drawing you in.  Yeah, she’s got her issues, she recognizes them - understands them better than anyone in the 12-step...but you got yours too.

She comes out on stage, with an energy so contagious it's hard not to match her frequency and fall in love with her.

She keeps shouting CHICAGO, and it resonates just so damn cute.  “Yo, this is my first time performing here.  I’m so EXCITED!”  Her frequency just increased.  It is obvious she is excited.

“You all are definitely the loudest crowd I’ve heard this whole time, so keep it up.”

She’s as modest as it gets out here.
“So a lot of you guys know me as an artist, but a lot of you guys don’t know, I’m also a songwriter.  And I’ve gotten to write songs for a lot of beautiful people, and I’m gonna sing some of the songs I’ve written tonight.  Is that cool?”
She talks fast, like she’s nervous or unsure.  Kinda like the wizard in the Wizard of Oz once he’s been revealed.

This next rendition is of 4 songs rolled into one.  “If you know any of these words, please sing along with me.”  They are songs she wrote for other beautiful people (as she says it) and its acoustic. She goes from Selena Gomez to Hailee Steinfeld back to Selena and on to Justin thing that changes here is that she is the woman behind these songs - and it changes things for her.  Behind the curtain, the big bad wizard operating the radio is super petite.

“You guys sound AMAZING!  Wow!  Give it up for yourselves Chicago!”  Again taking attention off herself, allowing credit to be taken elsewhere.

She is her show.  No frills, just her nerve and a microphone.

She asks the crowd to sing along on her last song.  The 2-3 tone intro starts up and the crowd goes nuts, singing aLOUD.

“Thank you guys so much!  I love you all.  Thank you Jingle Ball!”  A flash of sincerity and we know she is not gone.  She’s skipped her way all the way to OZ, dropped her own bomb and stands in the middle as the smoke clears.  She is Julia Michaels, the woman behind the 2017 radio.  Wizard.

Julia Michaels Setlist:
"Uh Huh"
"I Miss You"
"Bad Liar"
"Love Myself"
"Good For You"

Multi-GRAMMY Award-nominated Julia Michaels at 103.5 KISS FM’s Jingle Ball 2017 Presented by Capital One at Allstate Arena  on Wednesday, December 13, 2017
All Julia Michaels photos are photo credit Elizabeth Lauer