Article by Casimir Leonard

Photos by Thomas Mayer


Justice played an amazing show.  If you haven’t seen and are a fan of music and good times, you should go to one of their shows the next time they’re in town.  And if you haven’t listened to their music and you enjoy EDM, look them up.  Congress Theater hosted the DJ duo; it’s a fun venue that has been criticized by many as having poor sound quality, but the building and structural design is gorgeous, and for this show the quality was up to par people were dancing and having a good time.  The show did justice to Justice.  The duo has been known in their genre for years now and have been busy making new music and playing with new mixes so they let you know they came to party bringing something quality to their sets every time.

Justice brought in a lot of energy.  The crowd seemed to really enjoy the show, feeling awe-inspired at every note.  No matter where you stood in the crowd the music made you D.A.N.C.E.  The invigorating light/dark feel roused the crowd to an amazing night.  Xaivier de Rosnay did what I had seen him do at Lolla, which was to go stand in the crowd with his arm raised in the air while the crowd cheered laughed and became amused by an almost statuesque  figure.  A hypnotic view to look at to say the least; Justice has always been a band I’ve enjoyed, may we evolve to explore the universe!