This could be a one worded review, but I wouldn’t do that to you.

Kesha has been through a lot with zero qualms divulging her deal.  She puts her monsters on stage and slays them in front of us.

I love her grit; she embodies it.  It's in her tone.  It's in the way she carries herself.
Her sound is so much edgier live than the smoothed out processed vocals on radio.

“Are you having fun yet?”

Did she really have to ask?  The crowd was insanely loud.  Her animals lit up the decibel meter even more.  The guys at the soundboard were laughing at each other, their screens red.

“Good.” her response.  Her long blonde hair blowing wildly from the fan at her face.

- And old school she goes; off come her clothes.

She sings her version of the fun & dirty, Arabian-sounding ‘place in France where the naked ladies dance’...a tune I loved as a child and felt super naughty singing.  It was awesome to sense the awkwardness of teen-ladies enjoying Kesha’s version with sexy guitar in front of their spying mothers.
Not quite a dirty free-for-all this time around, but it didn’t stop Kesha from trying.

She lets the crowd know how much she appreciates them:
“I want you to know that your support means everything in the world to me and I love you guys so much.”  It was a rushed statement, not forced.
She was about to show us how much she cares.

You’d think she was on her knees singing ‘Praying’.  Instead she was standing as tall as ever.  The most heart-felt feeling buried in the songline “I’m proud of who I am”.
Her animals felt it too and ROARed.

The Allstate Arena was echoing the crowd’s beautiful singing.  As much as I know she appreciated it, I doubt she heard it - she was in the sincerity of her song.  It was incredible.  I had an un-wipeable smile and feeling of bliss being a part of what was happening.

Her response to the crowd’s overwhelming ecstatic-ness:
“They told me not to say bad words, and I’ve been doing a really good job..”

I watch the guy from the back soundboard stand and meander to the guy on the front board, prepared to scrub what was about to be said.

“But you guys are fffffff-FUCKing amazing.”
The crowd goes insane.

Kesha is beside herself - flustered by her crowd.  “Thank you for that.”
It was such a cool dynamic.
She recognizes them as having the capability to be the loudest crowd they’ve ever played for, informing us her team was on it with a ‘sound-thingy’ testing the loudness factor.
And, it got even louder.  I watched two teen friends within arms-length of each other, turn toward each other and scream at the top of their lungs...eyes closed bending at the waist bursting every ounce of air through their vocal chords.

But the party don’t stop, no.

Kesha Setlist:
"Take It Off"
"TiK ToK"

Multi-GRAMMY Award-Nominated Kesha at 103.5 KISS FM’s Jingle Ball 2017 Presented by Capital One at Allstate Arena  on Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Kesha photo credit William Kelly Milionis