Article by: Brian Morgan

Photos by: Brian Morgan

The two opening bands for Motion City Soundtrack did a par job to impress the crowd with a variety of different music throughout the night. Now, Now was the first band to perform. The band had a very stiff stage presence playing songs that are very lucid, giving a trance-like feeling to the crowd. The two front musicians were both ladies with a male on the drums. They were a little slow for an opening band for Motion City Soundtrack; I did enjoy their set, but they were a little too indie for this show. They provided a very soft trendy sound that was too slow to dance to but enjoyable with a little bit of head bobbing. 

Jukebox The Ghost was up next. They had a fun sound, a little more upbeat than Now, Now, but at the same time very indie compared to the sounds of Motion City Soundtrack. This band was another 3-piece including a guitarist, a pianist and a drummer. They got the crowd dancing a little bit with some fun, fast-paced singing and an interesting sound that could have been inspired by Queen and Jacks Mannequin. Being completely unfamiliar with this band, I enjoyed their sound and their look. The drummer had a cool little creature printed on his drum set and occasionally would play a maraca instead of a drumstick. 

The two opening bands were fun, but after seeing Motion City Soundtrack about thirty times in my life, I was very curious as to how they were going to sound tonight and what songs they were going to be playing. I was always a bigger fan of their older albums than the new ones. They’ve developed as a band and have stayed strong, healthy, and have continued to perform for quite a long time now. I’ve always been impressed on how often this band tours and continues to amaze crowds.

When Motion City hit the stage they attacked the crowd with a powerful opening that caused the entire House Of Blues to shake more than I’ve ever experienced. The band opened with “Floating Down The River” off the new album GO, and at this point I was a little worried that the rest of their set was going to be new stuff. But as the show went on they played all my favorite songs from My Favorite Accident, LGFUAD, Future Freaks Me Out, Make out Kids, and This is For Real – they literally played that set for their true fans.

Despite the fact that the band is getting older, they haven’t lost a drop of energy or the ability to get the crowd pumped. As a child growing up, I would always crowd surf at every Motion City Soundtrack show, and I was tempted to last night. The only thing I missed from previous shows is that Jesse used to do handstands on his keyboard - Jesse’s performance was still completely full of energy that one moment would have topped the icing on the cake for me. After the band finished their set, the entire crowd hands up in the air were screaming “ENCORE!” and the band came out and played the encore with 2 wonderful songs “Red Dress” from their first album I Am the Movie and “Hold Me Down” from Commit This to Memory. This band hasn’t aged a day since the first show I saw in Des Plaines in 2002.