On a Sunday evening in November, the city of Chicago lit up very nicely to welcome Lights  once again. Being my fifth Lights concert, it was surely one I will never forget. The young Canadian singer who enjoys rocking the Xbox, making special appearances on EPIC mealtime, and reading comic books while on tour plays a very special role in my heart and many others here in Chicago.

I remember the first time I heard of Lights, it was the year 2006 and her “February Air” promo video was put up online. The song was so innocent, so different and so damn beautiful that my heart had fallen for her in a matter of seconds. Looking back, the first show I saw of hers was the first that she had ever played here in Chicago. Valentine’s Day in 2009 at the Beat Kitchen would be a moment I would never forget. The day I met her and asked her to be my Valentine…

Now, now, enough about Lights and my past. Let’s get going in to the present. House of Blues, November 11th, Lights made the stage about 9:00 PM.  The crowd was a mixture of fifty percent dudes and fifty percent ladies. I originally had thought maybe half those guys were there for their girlfriends but I soon realized I was wrong. Lights came out on stage, with a very different lighting set up than I have seen before. (It’s kind of hard to talk about lighting when the performer has the name Lights but they were very colorful – whatever, you can see how they looked in the pictures.)

Okay, moving on: Lights opened with “Fourth Dimension,” one of the singles off of her newest album Siberia. Everyone in the audience had their hands up, waving them back and forth. She was singing about warheads and being the kings of the castle in the fourth dimension - how can you not love someone who understands the fourth dimension? Shortly into her set, at every break you could hear some dude screaming, “I LOVE YOU LIGHTS!”  - But honestly, she knows that I’m her Valentine, and all those other dudes are just high from her amazing voice.

Anyway, she played a handful of other hits like “Peace Sign,” “Second Go,” “Timing is Everything,” “Siberia,” and than suddenly our song went on - you know, “February Air” - and afterward she said, “I really do love Chicago, it’s one of my favorite places in the United States. It’s probably one of the only places I could see myself living in the United States.” She says that every time she’s here so it wasn’t to my surprise, and I understand she’s a Canadian, but she should really just move here, already. Shortly after she told the crowd about her love for Chicago she mentioned, “I ate way too much Garret’s popcorn today.” And at that moment I was suddenly desiring a big handful of Garret’s popcorn. She did a solo on the piano “Cactus in the Valley” and my friend screamed, “You’re gorgeous!” and the guy next to him says “You made her blush!”  Looking up on stage she actually was blushing, and with a little laughter under her tongue she said, “Let’s do some singing.” She moved on to play a mixture of songs including the cover “Heart of Glass” originally by Blondie.

Lights’ set was 15 songs total including a one-song encore. My only disappointment with the show is that it wasn’t long enough. I feel that if Lights moved to Chicago she could play longer sets and more often specifically for her Valentine.  Anyway, every Lights show I’ve seen has been simply awesome and if you like a girl with an imagination and simplicity, Lights will take you for a spin that will make your heart throbbing for more. Just like the dudes at the House of Lights - I mean, Blues.