Day 2 of Northcoast started out with forecasts of thunderstorms all day. Everyone showed up with an amazing spirit despite the forecasts, with ponchos in tow. One of the first memorable acts of the day was People Under the Stairs. The are very reminiscent of the 90s hip hop acts. They were really able to keep the energy up despite the crowd slowly filtering in. The combination of the older hip hop influences with the high energy level made for a dynamic show. Gramatik had a notable performance as well. Using a wide variety of samples and beats he keep the crown invested.

Dan Deacon was one of the most memorable acts of both days 1 and 2. He used the crowd and made them part of his show. At one point he had the entire crowd separate into two sides. Then had two people have a dance battle, and kept going on like that for a portion of his set. It’s very important, especially with the EDM genre, to keep the crowd engaged, Dan Deacon accomplished that and then some.

Beats Antique is a truly original act among the artists seen at Northcoast. With their focus on belly dancing, and heavy middle eastern influence, they bring something different to the bass beats we are used to. Their live instrumentation during shows also makes them stand out within the genre. When you see a Beats Antique show it’s more than that, it’s a complete experience. Strange Arrangement proved to be exactly what they sound like. A strange yet beautiful arrangement of musicians that are no strangers to a lively performance.

Excision, being one of most anticipated acts of the day, drew a huge crowd. Excision, being very dub step oriented, had in your face thumping bass. The crowd was not disappointed. Yacht, comprised to two artists, really stood out. They didn’t sit behind the turn tables the entire time, because there is more than just spinning to their music. Their interesting vocals bring an outer element that enhances the back beats. Alesso drew a large crowd as well, but the energy level was lower than expected.

The rapture was a wonderful break from all the intense electronic beats. They are seasoned performers with an innovative sound. Atmosphere was one of the most popular acts of the day. The crowd was packed so tight you could barely move if you were within 100 yards of the stage. As expected they put on a crowd pleasing show with a good mix of older and newer hits.

Lastly there was the battle of Girl Talk vs. Umphrey’s McGee. Being that Northcoast is mainly electronic. Girl Talk drew the bigger crowd by far. He brought a crowd of fans on stage as he always does to give a communal feel to the show. The great thing about Girl Talk is he really knows how to build and sustain energy throughout a show. Something that can be difficult to accomplish with EDM. Umphrey’s, being the seasoned musicians they are, put on an amazing show. They raised the tempo a bit from what the usually play possibly due to the crowd. However they did not falter and played with just as much gusto as always.