Review by: Brian Morgan
Photos by: Thomas Mayer and Brian Morgan

Pierce the Veil were kings for a day after selling out the House of Blues Chicago. Upon arriving at the venue, I was greeted by a long line of  girls, mostly between the ages of twelve and seventeen, many of whom were accompanied by their parents. I asked a few people waiting in line some questions about the bands they’re anticipating to see. Robbie, from Lockport, IL said, “We’ve been here for about an hour. This will be my third time seeing Pierce The Veil.” Alice, a parent from Champaign, IL told us, “We’ve been in line for about three hours. My favorite song from these bands would probably be 'If I’m James Dean and You’re Audrey Hepburn' by Sleeping with Sirens. I would probably not come to the show if it weren’t for my daughter - I would feel completely ridiculous!” Victoriana from Chicago said, “I’ve been in the line for 3 hours now, I’m here for Pierce the Veil and it’s my first time seeing them. I’m so excited, I couldn’t sleep last night and I’ve been shaking all day.”

Sleeping with Sirens, the opening act for the evening, played a short set that didn’t necessarily need to be the best performance to get the crowd going.  Opening their set with “Do it Now Remember Later” was probably the best choice they could make as the crowd’s screaming exceeded the energy of the band’s performance to the point that vocalist Kellin Quinn stopped and said “Shut up! You guys are way too loud.” Throughout the performance, Kellin would continue to emphasize how loud the crowd was, saying,  “Chicago, you are the loudest we’ve ever played for!” and “Pierce the Veil is not fucking up yet so shut up.” The performance wasn’t anything near impressive other than the fact that the crowd was full of fresh estrogen screaming their love for the band. Right before the last song of the night “If I’m James Dean and You’re Audrey Hepburn,” Kellin mentioned “Everybody including your parents have been in shitty relationships before, and life’s too short to be in a shitty relationship” which was probably the best advice someone could give to young crowd.

Providing an entertaining show full of fancy lights, Tim Burton looking stage decoration and random bursts of confetti really allowed the House of Blues Chicago to Collide With The Sky just as Pierce the Veil wanted it to. Pierce the Veil fortunately was able to play their music over the loud screaming of the audience. Lead by the Fuentes brothers, they managed to have a lot of fun with the crowd including taking a group photo on stage. Performing for a little over an hour, the band played a majority of songs off their newest album as well as a small handful of their older songs. Vic Fuentes came out after their break with an acoustic guitar and told the crowd that this was the first time they’ve ever played acoustic in front of a crowd. Following the acoustic song, Vic proceeded to have the audience sing along with him for the song “Southern Constellations.” Vic mentioned to the crowd, “You guys are the best singers I’ve ever heard.” The finale of the night was the current hit single, “King for a Day,” where Kellin Quinn came out to sing vocals with Vic. Kellin carried Vic off stage as confetti flew everywhere in the air.

The first and only time that I had seen Pierce the Veil before this show was on the warped tour a couple years back. At that show, they were a heavier band and Vic would whip his hair on stage similar to the guitarist Tony Perry. For this  show Vic was seen wearing a hat the entire show and casted behind a microphone most of the performance. If Vic wasn't wearing the hat, the performance would have been even better. My warped tour experience also had a little more of a Latin vibe to their performance that made them stand out from the rest of the bands. The house of blues show was a lot of fun, but I would have liked to see some more of the Latin roots. Regardless of my opinion, the band still wears the crown. Pierce the Veil were Kings of the House of Blues for a day.