All photos by David Miller of Mad laB Photography for Chicago Music Magazine

Polica at Lincoln Hall


Review by: Shawn Kellner for Chicago Music Magazine

It's rare these days to come across an artist who truly stretches outside the norms of what has become the status quo in a truly original way. For those searching for such a band, Polica is what you've been looking for. Tonight at Lincoln Hall they began their 2 night stand. Two drummers, multiple drum machines, and other digital workstations build the palate on which lead singer Channy Leaneagh paints her erie, haunting, passionate effect driven vocals that saturate deep into your bones. Watching Polica live is like surfing the oceans inside your head. They push and pull of the changing musical currents delivering memorable songs and a sound that gracefully captures a full plate of emotions creating an emotional, rhythmic journey with a truly impeccable delivery. Pay attention to this band, their future is bright and their climb has only just begun.