Review by: Matt Carroll
Photos by: Lee Klawans
Photos Edited By: Shawn Kellner

If Irony alone that PROPAGHANDI Is playing in Chicago on election night is not enough,  The bands that are supporting this tour are also amazing.  This sold out concert at Bottom Lounge On 11/6/2012 was a rare event where you want to see Every artist that was performing.

Spanish Hardcore La Armada opened and definitely got the attention of the already packed house.  They especially got the crowds attention when they covered dc hardcore classics from Bad Brains.

THE MENZINGERS were up next I had never heard of them but the fans outside the venue could not stop talking about how excited they were to see them and how they could  support a headlining tour on there own.  The crowd was right they were absolutely incredible!  I'm already on amazon buying there albums and will be looking forward to seeing them in the future.

Twin City punk rockers Off With Their Heads come on next fresh of of rocking Riotfest 2012 and secret show at liars club.  I could tell they love rocking Chicago Giving props to classic Chicago bands such as Apocalypses Hoblken and The Mushuganas between songs.  There set had some classics and new tacks from there upcoming album (being produced by Bill Stevenson from the descendents/black flag) Hearing Drive and Their Own Medicine right in a row was one of many high points of the evening.

Now the main event, Punk rock alum Propaganhi.  Playing at least a couple songs from there amazing list of albums from the past 20 years.  The moment they approached the stage the crowd ran forward 10 ft and circle pit irrupted.   Fuck the border, less talk more rock, back to the motor league, and closing Stick the fucking flag up your goddamm ass was the high points of there set for me!!

All and all amazing rare show where every band blew the crowds minds.  Cant wait to see what Propaganhi has in store on there next tour!!