On December 19th, 2012 Q87.7 Chicago's Underground Alternative presented the first of their #NoDough Show series at the Cubby Bear featuring Tegan and Sara.

As with any new event with a high demand, there are always logistical kinks to get through leading up to the show. The staff of Q87.7 including the management proved with this event that they are top notch in their field and that they are huge supporters of their fans and listeners.

It began when, due to overwhelming demand upon announcing the show, the Q87.7 free ticketing server crashed while tickets were being distributed. This caused the staff of Q87.7 to believe that more tickets were given out than the capacity of the venue.  While some corporate entities wouldn't care less about people getting into a free show, the management at Q87.7 wanted to make sure that EVERYONE who downloaded a ticket got to see Tegan and Sara.  In what I can only describe as one of the coolest things radio executives have done for fans in years, station management worked with Tegan and Sara's management and agent to make sure that if the demand coming through the doors at Cubby Bear was higher than capacity could accommodate, Tegan and Sara would play two 40 min sets.

Upon arriving at the venue it was clear that the venue was close to capacity but within its means.  The station management also recognized this fact and instead of two 40 min sets, the ~700 concertgoers who did not have to pay a penny for a ticket got one hell of a 120 min set from Tegan and Sara.

Opening the night was Blondfire.  The crowd, including myself, loved this band. Their pop hooks were infectious, their stage presence was of a veteran act, their interplay with the crowd was well accepted.  It was a GREAT decision by the powers-that-be to have this band open the show.

At the conclusion of Blondfire's set, the Q87.7 on-air personalities came onto the stage and gave away some free tickets to The Killers/Tegan and Sara show at UIC Pavillion that took place on December 20th.  The entire crowd was very into trying to win tickets by entering their information on various iPads that traveled around the room.  Q87.7 also provided a free cell phone charging station that many fans made use of in between Blondfire ending and Tegan and Sara beginning.  The Q87.7 staff announced "Cubby Bear give it up for Tegan and Sara," but nothing followed.  Fans stood and waited for close to 40 min before the duo and their backing band came on stage.  For some acts, this would be a huge downfall of the night.  Lucky for them though, Tegan and Sara proved they are well worth the wait.

The duo came out and made it very clear that they love Chicago.  They also gave props to Q87.7 for making the show free and spoke to the crowd saying, "Maybe we should only play free shows, you guys are super excited and amazing."  What followed was 120 minutes full of interplay, expression, and a ton of pop hooks and sensibility enjoyed by over 700 fans who attended the show for FREE thanks to 87.7 and their No Dough series.


  1. Hero
  2. Back In Your Head
  3. The Con
  4. Ghost
  5. So Jealous
  6. Good Go
  7. Messed Up
  8. Nineteen
  9. Call It Off
  10. Living Room
  11. Bones
  12. Closer