A production 40 years in the making has arrived in Chicago for a special 5 night run at the Cadillac Palace Theatre.  Once Upon A Dream is a 2 hour masterpiece co-produced by Steve Van Zandt of the E Street Band and his wife Maureen. The nostalgic show is chronologically driven explaining  the personal story of The Rascals from their early beginnings to present.  Their story is told in their old words through a series of interview clips shown on a 50 ft wide HD screen.

The band now in their late 60's provides the live soundtrack including 28 total songs, 17 of which were #1 hits.   It is no secret that the band has aged, They have even been inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. The bands age did not affect the audience which instead focused on the songs and what they meant to them.  Looking out from the dress circle you could see the audience singing and clapping along to songs that mean a lot to them.  This is the soundtrack of their youth after all.

"Once Upon a Dream" moves chronologically, beginning with the formation of the band and traveling through its early days in the record business all the way to superstardom, leading to the breakup and, finally, to the bands reformation. Narrative interviews, filmed specifically for this show, tell the story in short doses, punctuated by the live performances. Sometimes the songs performed directly relate to the narrative and other times they have no real correlation but are still enjoyable.

The Rascals, who were accompanied onstage by three backing vocalists and two side musicians, kicked off the show with two 1967 singles -- "It's Wonderful" and "I've Been Lonely Too Long."

During many of the songs Eddie Brigati could be found dancing his way across the stage during many of the bands hits including;  Groovin', People got to be free, A Beautiful Morning, and of coarse Good Lovin'.   Felix Cavaliere performed every song with a ton of emotion and enthusiasm on the keys,  Dino Danelli has not lost his chops on the drums, and  Gene Cornish looked as though he has counted the days over the last 40 years until he would return to the stage with his best friends.

The show flows extremely well and is great for audiences of all ages.  If you enjoy great music you can clap your hands and stomp your feet too I highly recommend you stop at the Cadillac Palace Theatre and see Once Upon A Dream starring The Rascals.