On Saturday, August 5th, 2017 at 7:30pm, at the Center For Spiritual Living Greater Las Vegas, Seven7Sisters put on a ceremonial stage performance during "Return of the Star Tribes: Devotion to the Sky" sacred ceremonial retreat featuring Starsinger, Serena Gabriel, Melissa Edwards, Sasha Rose, Adriana Magana, Adi Shakti, Kimberly Bass, and Amber Ortega.  It was a performance of the ages.  Each of the Sisters sat on stage with their crystal bowl, blue lights illuminating their faces reflecting off the all-white they wore.

I can’t say I was perplexed Saturday night, but the word to describe it would be just a step down, bewilderment perhaps.  I could never have predicted such a performance. The effects were quite brilliant.  It was classic, yet alarming.  Stage effects through strategic use of shadows, lights, and excellent graphic visuals made for a mystifying experience.  It was a telling tale of inter-galactic travel, entering the fifth dimension, a physical state of being in the past, present, and future all at once, which Deya Dova explains as Aboriginal Dream time.

This was a measurable life moment.  A mystic crystal revelation - an opportunity for the minds true liberation.  A new dimension of the imagination.  It was completely up to us to feel it.  We were encouraged to open our hearts and sing, live dreams of vision.  We were there together questioning creation, sanity, and existence, challenging both the antagonist and audience to contemplate what's real and what's imagination.

The Seven7Sisters performance opened with beautiful harmonizing energy.  I was drawn in by the sound alone.  As the performance went on, time generated a sense of mystery that did not disappoint.  Almost as if fate was taking a turn, we were making a connection to the reality we were experiencing, and it was a tonal masterpiece.

Starsinger, the event producer with Seven7Sisters Productions, offered much thanks and blessings for everyone being in presence to help the energy come in.  She asked that we allow ourselves to expand, yet stay heart centered.

People felt the energy - that was undeniable.  Focus was on shifting the energy and falling into one’s breath.   It was an interactive experience, invited to be in the space as ourselves, 100% whole and present, in a safe zone with zero judgement and worry to just BE.  We were to become truly connected to the energy by allowing ourself to feel the energy.

Starsinger shares the vibrational tones of her voice and crystal bowl.  She works with dissonant tones to shift energies and the tone that emerges from her is unexplainable.  They resonate like no voice I’d ever heard before.  Cosmic and completely unexpected.

In everything that was happening around us, we were able to find the stillness that allowed us to see where we are going.  With our heartbeat being our place of center, our origin point, we acknowledged the sacred within and were thanked for being fully present as our highest self, eliminating what no longer serves us and welcoming in the highest vibration. This performance was the fire encouraging us to live positive compassion through life action and see the beauty in life that we all share.

Immediately following the Seven7Sisters performance we were graced with a performance by Deya Dova, an artist from Australia.  She is an international traveler who together with her husband, creates evolutionary dance music with her mystifying vocals.  Her stage costume, which she designs herself, is a visual masterpiece that emanates stage energy.  This with her voice and dance is magically magnetic.  She is a live performance MUST.

Deya Dova blows us away with her opening song and immediately becomes one with the crowd.  “What an intimate delicious crowd you are.  Lets dance in reverence of the beloved.  Are you ready to stir the shakti of this space?”

Her voice is totally out of this world.  The electronic beat supporting her is super cool.  Some compare her to Bjork or The Knife, but she is unique to her own being.  She sings songs never heard before.  Songs gained from the dramatic life experience she’s been seeking, traveling the energy points of the world.  She can connect her songs with the location she received them and gives her performances her entire being, 100% all - even with such a small crowd present, how lucky we were!  She ensured we took moments to feel the love and reminded us to always be present, always there, rock solid.

She sings and interacts - “Are you feeling the grace?  Are you feeling Happy?  We are going to turn up the frequency together.”

“We are in a time of great unveiling, where the truth will manifest,” Deya explains.  Her next performances include Beloved Festival and the Oregon Eclipse Festival, which expect to draw huge numbers.  Deya is on a mission to change the way people view themselves and the world we live in, I consider myself extremely fortunate to have seen her performance in such an intimate setting and having opportunity to sit with her and have her explain her mission.   Read Deya Dova interview with Elizabeth Lauer entitled, "An Interview with Deya Dova: B.L.O.W.N. A.W.A.Y" here.

She asks that we give our love to the amazing man standing by her manning the music, Hamilton Barnett.  Her lovely husband with whom she travels the planet with their beloved children singing at sacred sites and sharing their music.

“It has been so magic to be with you today”.  Her ending song is really important to her.  It is a song that is a celebration of the consciousness that is awakening and rising on our planet at this time because we are feeling the energy.  Her gorgeous daughter makes an appearance with her on stage, similar in costume design which is fascinatingly beautiful, matching the mystic persona of her mother.  They dance together and it is absolutely beautiful.  Upon ending, she asks the crowd to give love to her beautiful daughter.

The vibration was raised so high, we needed one more song to calm ourselves, and Deya offered an unbelievably beautiful song to help us come back to the still zero point, the place of infinity to ground ourselves before going back into the world.  She introduces the song, which she recorded at the summit of an ancient volcano found in eastern Australia.  The song is a blessing for each of us.

Deya Dova Photo Credit:  Tami Yaron