Milwaukee, Wisconsin is home to The Rave/Eagle’s club - a large music venue that has live music and hosts both local as well as world renowned bands.  Saturday April 6, 2013 was no different in downtown Milwaukee as the Rave hosted a lineup of Candlelight Red, Lacuna Coil, Coal Chamber and Sevendust. As the lights dimmed and the sound of the bass filled the air, the crowd seemed to grow in size in a matter of moments as those lingering in the halls and at the bars pushed their way in to get a look at the stage.

Candlelight Red, hailing from central Pennsylvania, took the stage first. Having received national attention in 2010 after winning a Guitar Center competition and subsequently being an opening act for Kiss when their 2010 tour came through Pittsburgh, the band has continued to deliver and raise the bar while gaining a fan base. Opening with “In Your Hands,” lead singer Ryan Hoke immediately had the complete attention of the crowd. The band played songs from their first album The Wreckage such as  “Closer” and “Medicated” as well as  songs off their new EP Demons, such as “Cutter.” This band was nonstop action and adrenaline; hitting the crowd with killer drum beats and chest-crushing bass lines.

Next up was Italian heavy metal band Lacuna Coil. With Christina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro on vocals the band took the stage playing songs such as “Kill the Light,” “To the Edge,” “Upsidedown,” “Intoxicated,” and “Trip the Darkness.” With melodic vocals and heavy guitar riffs the band gave an exhilarating performance to a crowd that gave the band a thunderous ovation as they closed with the song “Spellbound.”

Following Lacuna Coil was Coal Chamber. Starting their set with “Loco” followed by “Big Truck” front man B. Dez Fafara, rallied the crowd to get their fists in the air. As the crowds energy and interaction with Fafara grew so too did the size of the mosh pit, the crowd being pushed and bumped as people screamed the lyrics with the band, fists in the air. Crowd surfers making their way to the front pit would run to the back of the crowd to once again make their way up front with Fafara often reaching down to slap hands with them as security pulled them up and over the rails.

Sevendust rounded up the lineup for the night. The crowd seemed to have grown through the evening and the sold out show had people packed in the venue shoulder to shoulder. During the set which began with “Decay” followed up by “Praise” vocalist Lajon Witherspoon thanked the Milwaukee crowd for always producing a great audience each time they visit the venue, mentioning that this show was the bands 19th visit to The Rave since 1997. Amid a light show that included laser lights that shot through and over the crowd, there was smoke being blown from the stage while Sevendust played songs such as “Alpha,” “Strong Arm Broken” and “Pieces.”  The band closed out their show with the song “Face to Face.” Leaving the stage, Witherspoon again thanked the crowd for coming out in support of Sevendust, as well as the other three bands that took the stage. The crowd gave them a rousing applause.

The Rave is a venue that delivers fabulous music and atmosphere each and every time. The lineup at Saturday’s show delivered powerful music, without the need for intricate stage set-up’s. There was no need for that as each band, with their unique heavy metal sounds kept the crowd engaged during each set. This is a show worth seeing, the guitar riffs, heavy hitting drum beats, thumping bass and diverse vocals featured by each band left concert goers well satisfied and commenting about each band enthusiastically as they filed out of the venue for their drive home.