Review by: Daniel Mayor

Chicago emcee ShowYouSuck had his work cut out for him Friday night. Turn a group of about 40 to 50 Northwestern University students, most of whom had no idea who he was, into fans who would buy into his hyper, angry, and funny half hour show. What might be daunting to some was light work for the self-deprecating jokester, who’s a damn good rapper.

Joined by his hypeman Auggie the 9th, a Frankenstein combination of Lil John’s adlibs and Danny Brown’s charisma, the duo made it very clear this was going to be loud, energetic, and funny. In a pre-show interview ShowYouSuck stated, “[he felt] every other style of rap is covered,” and it was apparent from the first 30 seconds of the show that he was looking to take a different angle to the rap genre.

With the crowd at their mercy, ShowYouSuck and Auggie launched into their first song and had the audience bobbing to the chorus of “Gimmie dat Butt.” While the song wasn’t ground breaking, the parts where the beat dropped out showcased ShowYouSuck’s raw talent. With just the drums, ShowYouSuck’s delivery and content was reminiscent of a more up-tempo Bun B – combining an assorted compilation of lyrical ideas with a relaxed flow that always seems in control.

As the show continued and the crowd of elite-university-attending college students moshed on, what came through most was the duo’s personality. The music was good, the energy was high, but most of all ShowYouSuck and Auggie were likable because of their comedic persona on stage.

Hopefully without pigeonholing them, there was something very Odd Future-esque about ShowYouSuck and Auggie’s performance. There was the playful and angry adolescent vibe that has been such a major facet of Odd Future’s appeal to teenagers. These dudes ooze an angst-filled agression but are more than happy to laugh about it.

Coming out dressed in mostly black with a lot of energy, their initially hard demeanor gave way to a fun energy that infected the crowd. By no means was this a happy-go-lucky rap concert, but the ironic comments about pizza and his unconventional song titles provided for a comical vibe. When introing ShowYouSuck’s song, “Girls and Nachos,” the duo got the crowd involved by asking who loved girls and nachos. When the kids were hesitant to answer, ShowYouSuck told them they “were all…dirty liars cause only dudes are here and dudes love girls and nachos,” resulting in everyone easing up, due to the candidness of his comments, before raging to the song.

Another highlight was their song dedicated to those who peaked in high school called “Mom Jeans,” during which they pointed at now slightly uncomfortable women and shouted, “in high school you was the prom queen/now you’re wearing mom jeans.”

Focusing on their humor should by no means take attention away from them being talented rappers. The duo has technical skill and in no way relies on a poorly constructed gimmick to get through their show – they’re legitimate emcees with clever rhyme skills to back up their unique demeanor.

Sure, a part of what has turned Tyler the Creator from a kid making mixtapes to a superstar is his music, but he’s bigger than anyone else is his group because people like to him. He’s funny, and kids feel like they could hang out with him. ShowYouSuck brings the same personable high energy form of entertainment in his show as Tyler, combining a similar style comedic lyricism. The self-proclaimed “google-friendly rapper” looks to convey topics and pop culture references, relatable to the crowd, and succeeded in doing during the show.

“Oh my god guys that was so cute. Come hang out with me upstairs because I’ll give you free candy,” ShowYouSuck said he ended the show. Many took him up on that offer, and just as many will not soon forget his show or his music.

His next project out will be One Man Pizza Party 3: Rest in Pizza, which uses more Mike Jaxx production and has already spawned a successful single featuring Mr. MFN eXquire called “Carne Asada.” He stated that the project should drop before the end of the year.